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Nasdaq expands North America market offering with Chi-X Canada, the leading alternative market in Canada.

Nasdaq is pleased to announce we have completed the acquisition of Chi-X Canada, the leading alternative market in Canada for the trading of TSX and TSXV-listed securities. With greater access to a vibrant, healthy market, we look forward to introducing a new level of competition in the Canadian exchange landscape.

Chi-X Canada is a strong and valuable participant in the Canadian market, consistently outperforming its competitors. Chi-X Canada significantly increases its market share year-over-year, handling 22% of all order flow in Canada. It is also the only market in Canada to offer fully customizable smart order routing to all other major market centers. By leveraging our own core competencies in exchange operation, technology and product development, Nasdaq aims to bring unique value to the Canadian market with this acquisition.

Nasdaq has a proven track record of introducing new trading facilities and re-engineering existing platforms to enhance capabilities. We look forward to collaborating with Chi-X Canada to make this transition as seamless as possible, and ultimately expand the market for Canadian equities, derivatives trading and ETP listings.

Additional details will be made available in the near future, please visit this page for updates.


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