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Market Bell Ceremonies

Market Bell Ceremonies

The Opening and Closing Bell Ceremonies at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York’s Times Square serves as a platform to generate exposure for your company, make a news announcement or celebrate corporate milestones. Hosted by a Nasdaq senior executive, the Opening and Closing Bells allow listed companies to address a wide audience with specific messages. Choreographed by a professional event planner, each ceremony is carefully designed to showcase your company on the Nasdaq Webcam, MarketSite Tower and participating television networks such as CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and many others - reaching millions of viewers worldwide. 

The guest list is due at 12 noon the day before the event. Due to space limitations, we ask that you invite no more than 50 people to attend the Bell Ceremony. You are welcome to invite employees, family members, and friends – whomever you’d like to share with this celebration. We ask that an adult accompany all persons under 18 years of age. All guests, with the exception of minors under the age of 18, should be prepared to present a viable state, local, or federal photo ID upon arrival. Once ID is presented, guests will be escorted into the studio by our security team. For catering and security purposes, we require that you send Nasdaq the final guest list by noon the day before the ceremony, including names, titles, and affiliations of all guests.

Bell Ceremony Sample Agendas


During the ceremony, a professional photographer will capture photographs of your group on and off stage. Weather permitting, following the ceremony, the group will be escorted outside for pictures with the Nasdaq Tower as a backdrop. Three high-resolution images will be sent to the company contact by 12 noon pending no time constraints. Publishing of these photos is permitted. Additionally, low-resolution images will be posted on and are archived for approximately one year. In addition, you will be sent a link to a password-protected web-based photo album with the all the photographs from the event available for purchase. 

Usage Rights and Permission: The digital photos provided to you may be used in your corporate and other marketing materials with the following usage statement: These photos are © Copyright 2015, Nasdaq and available for re-publication by the news media only. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. 

Please be advised that Nasdaq will retain copyright ownership of these pictures and they may be used by Nasdaq, in Nasdaq’s sole discretion, in Nasdaq web-based, print and other marketing materials. 

Guests may also take photos in the studio with their own cameras. However, the use of flash is not permitted as it disrupts the live broadcast.


Nasdaq provides a professional videographer to film the ceremony from start to finish. On request, we can supply raw footage of the event. As with the rights to the photographs set forth above, Nasdaq will retain copyright ownership of the video and portions may be used by Nasdaq, in Nasdaq’s sole discretion, as well as in Nasdaq web-based and other marketing materials.


Beverages will be set up in the first floor exhibition space approximately one hour before the ceremony begins.

Tower and Marquee Visibility

During the hour of the opening/closing Bell, companies get access to one hour of exclusive advertising on our Nasdaq Tower and Marquee. During this time, companies have the option to display a :30 second advertisement, which will alternate along with a welcome message from Nasdaq as well as photos that are wi-fi’d to the screens live from inside the studio.

Please follow the templates below:

Nasdaq Tower Template > 

Nasdaq Tower Images

Nasdaq Marquee Template >

Nasdaq Marquee Images

File Delivery Instructions

Tower and Marquee videos for opens/closes can be uploaded to our sendthisfile dropbox. There is a limit of 2gigs per upload. Please make sure to mention the name of your company and the date of your ceremony in the subject line of the dropbox. Once the upload is complete, please email your event producer for confirmation that the tower and marquee video has been received.

Studio Etiquette & Attire

Etiquette in Studio

Throughout the day, there are approximately 100 live broadcasts that take place within the Nasdaq studio. To avoid disturbing the broadcasts and studio equipment, please adhere to the following: 

  • All phones must be turned off or set to vibrate once within the studio. 
  • Flash photography is not permitted. 
  • Keep voices to a normal tone; high-pitched sounds may reach the reporters microphones and interrupt their broadcast. 
  • Do not touch the studio wall. 
  • Guests are asked to stay behind the stanchions until directed otherwise by Event Planners. 


Proper attire for the Bell Ceremony is business or business casual. Please, no jeans or sneakers.


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