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Your number-one priority is to run your company, and while you know your stock, you can't watch it every minute of the trading day. That's why Nasdaq offers you unlimited access to our Market Intelligence Desk ("MID"), where you can all anytime during market hours to check on your stock's activity. From time to time, we may also contact you to discuss trends or alert you of certain trading patterns. 

The Desk consists of a team of market professionals, all working to keep your company on top of the market with up-to-the-minute information.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Nasdaq Market Intelligence Desk utilizes state-of-the-art technology built on a philosophy of providing our companies with a 360-degree view of the markets. Our technological expertise allows us to efficiently incorporate multiple information sources into the Desk so that directors can research market developments to their fullest. 

Constant Monitoring: The Desk monitors, analyzes and proactively communicates vital market information to Nasdaq-listed companies. 

One Contact per Company: Each Nasdaq-listed company is assigned a dedicated Market Intelligence Desk Director. This ensures that service can be tailored to the needs of individual companies. 

Word on the Street: In addition to communicating Wall Street sentiment, Nasdaq’s Market Intelligence Desk can notify you about trading activity, in context with what is happening in your industry and overall market sentiment. 

The Market Intelligence Desk operates as an inbound and outbound information center. Not only can you call the Desk by using your own exclusive number, you can also receive phone and e-mail updates from your assigned analyst or via daily, weekly and monthly electronic reports.

Nasdaq's Market Intelligence Desk (MID) Overview Video

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