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Nasdaq at Times Square

Times Square Advertising

Times Square Advertising

Design Services:

Nasdaq MarketSite® also offers creative and video production services. Leverage our design services to create a customized Tower, Marquee or TS2 video for your bell ceremony or campaign run in Times Square. Please email Rohini Shahriar at for more details on these services.

Dominate Times Square!

Dominate Times Square and get access to not only the Nasdaq Tower and Nasdaq Marquee in Times Square but also several other billboards, for an impactful experience! Nasdaq has a unique partnership with Branded Cities which defines the ultimate consumer outdoor media stage. As a result of this partnership, Nasdaq-Listed companies receive a preferred rate. For more information on how to dominate Time Square during your event, please contact: Rohini Shahriar at

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NASDAQ Tower (Market Opens & Closes only)

Download the After Effects template for the Nasdaq Tower here. When prompted, choose to save the document to your desktop then unzip and view files.

Please also follow the naming conventions mentioned in the instructions for the rendered files submitted.

For questions regarding this template, please reach out to:

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NASDAQ Marquee

You may choose to create your marquee file to display content on both screens as a whole or separately using the template instructions. Download the marquee instructions and template here. When prompted, choose to save the document to your desktop then unzip and view files. 30 secs, 29.97 fps (provide as .MOV on a data CD or DVD)

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NASDAQ TS2 (NASDAQ & Reuters building's screens template for campaigns)

The TS2 package consists of the Nasdaq Tower and Reuters building screens. Download the TS2 instructions and template here. Final files should be submitted using the appropriate naming conventions for each screen as mentioned in the instructions.

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