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Fueling Ambition

2016 Nasdaq Annual Report

Driving Financial Performance and Increasing Shareholder Value

Read the comprehensive summary of our financials and focus in Nasdaq's 2016 Form 10-K and 2017 Proxy Statement.
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FUeling our ambitions

“All of our efforts are centered on a singular focus—to fuel the ambition of our clients. By better serving broker-dealers, exchange operators, corporates and investors we create better opportunities for all parties to interact with the capital markets. And by doing so, we will create value for shareholders, continue to foster a culture of performance and success for our employees, and advance our position as the franchise of choice for prospects and partners around the globe.” 

— Adena T. Friedman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nasdaq, Inc.

Fueling Long-Term Growth and Shareholder Value

Nasdaq continues to fuel progress for clients and its business. In 2016, the company delivered net revenues1 of $2.3 billion, record non-trading segment revenues2 of $1.5 billion and record non-GAAP diluted earning per share (EPS) of $3.683.  As a reflection of the company’s strong performance, Nasdaq delivered a double digit shareholder return of 17.5%.
Net Revenues - 1
Cash Flow - 2
Net Earnings - 3
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First in FinTech

Nasdaq’s disruptive nature has been part of its DNA since its start in 1971. And although the term Fintech wasn’t around back then, the Fintech culture and spirit of new value creation was thriving at Nasdaq—just as it is today. Fintech is a mindset that challenges the status quo with innovation and new ideas and solutions for navigating the capital markets ecosystem.  Nasdaq has always been First in Fintech by putting Fintech First.

Nasdaq 2017 Execution Priorities

As a global capital market infrastructure provider, Nasdaq has one of the broadest sets of capabilities in the industry. We use these capabilities to enable entrepreneurs and innovators to find capital to grow and move their businesses forward—which is the heart of our fintech mission. Here are some of the priorities that will ensure we are successful in the delivery of that mission.

Profitable Growth Drives Value Creation

A resilient business model and consistent execution enables Nasdaq to achieve its goal of double-digit value creation, which the company achieved in 2016 with 17.5 % total  shareholder return.

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[1] Represents revenues less transaction-based expenses.

[2] Non-trading segment revenues represents revenues from our Corporate Services, Information Services and Market Technology segments.

[3] Refer to our accompanying reconciliations of U.S. GAAP to non-GAAP net income, diluted earnings per share and operating income.

[4] Represents revenues from our Corporate Services, Information Services and Market Technology segments, as well as our Trade Management Services business, formerly referred to as Access and Broker Services.

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