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Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

Nasdaq strongly believes in the virtues of corporate responsibility and issues that affect our local communities, the environment, and education.


Sharing the Planet 

Nasdaq strives to make sustainability a part of its corporate structure and way of life. Over the years, through employee initiatives, we have implemented office recycling programs, changed our paper supply to recycled paper and participated in corporate questionnaires such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). 

Several of our global office locations are in LEED certified buildings. With this process in mind, we have standardized our construction and facilities practices to achieve green efficiencies and reduce costs. Examples include: Office furniture that can be recycled and remodeled, the use of open office concepts for natural lighting, motion sensor and programmed lighting, and low-to-no VOC paints. Nasdaq also subscribes to renewable energy by purchasing electricity from outside vendors such as wind turbine farms. 

Shrinking Our Footprint 

Nasdaq's Commitment to the Environment

In the last several years there have been many efforts across the organization to reduce waste and improve the efficiency of our office environments, including: New offices and remodels are being done to LEED specifications. 

Our Helsinki office has a Green Office diploma and has achieved carbon neutral status for the 2nd year in a row. Our New York City office space at 165 Broadway uses the Herman Miller Ethospace system. This flexible system allows us to reorganize the space at a fraction of the cost, compared to purchasing a new furniture system. Recycling programs are in place in many locations via office or building wide programs. 

In 2014, Nasdaq renovated its iconic MarketSite tower in Times Square. The new tower leverages new media technology to reduce its overall energy consumption by 60% from the current model. This significantly reduces its carbon footprint and also gives it an extended life, double that of its predecessor. 

An Environment Committee was formed in Rockville, Maryland to monitor and improve the environmental efficiency of the workplace. This committee aims to help employees make smart, environmentally sound decisions both in and out of the workplace. Committee members are dedicated to the efficient use of resources and to the improvement of physical space. This employee intervention model is being considered at other Nasdaq office locations.

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