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Nasdaq offers capital raising solutions to more than 3,500 companies around the globe representing more than $9.5 trillion in total market value


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Nasdaq strongly believes in the virtues of corporate responsibility and issues that affect our local communities, the environment, and education.

Nasdaq Nordic Foundation

The Nasdaq Nordic Foundation was founded in 2005 to enable Nasdaq to support the financial markets via scientific research. The foundation's mission is to promote scientific research and other initiatives related to the financial markets in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. The goal of the foundation is to increase competence and competitiveness for the financial markets within these countries. 

Nasdaq Stockholm AB, Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S and Nasdaq Helsinki Oy are operating marketplaces in Sweden and Finland. Admitted companies and members must comply with the rules adopted by the Nasdaq exchanges. A Disciplinary Committee may resolve to fine the member or admitted company; in case of a breach by the member or admitted company of the exchange rules. The paid fine is transferred to the Nasdaq Nordic Foundation for the promotion of the foundation’s objectives.

Board of Directors 

Nasdaq Nordic Foundation has a Board of Directors that are responsible for the administration of the Foundation in accordance with its objective. The Nasdaq Nordic Foundation Board has seven members appointed by the Board of Directors of the holding company Nasdaq Nordic Oy. Three of these directors shall have extensive academic experience within the field of financial markets.

Magnus Billing, Chairman, is Senior Vice President, President of Nasdaq Nordic and responsible for coordinating the Nordic businesses including the exchanges in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius and Jerevan. He is also Head of Nordic Fixed Income and Baltic Markets, and CEO of the Stockholm Exchange.

Adam Kostyál is Senior Vice President of Corporate Client Group Europe.

Lauri Rosendahl is Senior Vice President of Global Trading & Market Services for Nasdaq.

Vesa Puttonen is professor of finance at Aalto University School of Economics (formerly Helsinki School of Economics).

Jonas Niemeyer is Head of the Policy and Analysis Division at the Financial Stability Department at Sveriges Riksbank.

Bjørn Sibbern is Senior Vice President of Global Trading & Market Services. He heads the Global Commodities Markets and Broker Services at Nasdaq and is President of the Nasdaq Copenhagen Exchange A/S. 

Jesper Lau Hansen worked as lawyer in Copenhagen until he left for academia. In 2003, he was appointed Professor of Financial Market Law and is currently serving as the head of the research centre FOCOFIMA at the University of Copenhagen.

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