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Nasdaq at Times Square

MarketSite -- Nasdaq at Times Square

With its dramatic video tower overlooking New York's Times Square, Nasdaq MarketSite is the location for the Nasdaq Market Bell Ceremonies as well as providing spectacular panoramic views and the ultimate setting for company and private events.
The Opening and Closing Market Bell ceremonies at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York City's Times Square serve as a platform to generate exposure for your company, make a news announcement or celebrate corporate milestones.
The Nasdaq MarketSite is an exclusive event space, set in an ideal location for corporate events and private parties.
Delivering and implementing brand visibility strategies through organized interviews and press briefings with major papers and international correspondents.
Dominate Times Square and get access to not only the Nasdaq Tower and Nasdaq Marquee but also several other billboards, for an impactful visibility experience!
A critical touch-point for timely trading analysis and market information
Location, directions, and information about visiting Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square, including preferred hotels and restaurants we partner with in the area.
Live Stream of Nasdaq Tower

Watch our Tower and Market Bell Ceremonies

MarketSite Overview Video

Learn more about Nasdaq MarketSite located in New York's Times Square

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