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. Nasdaq Leadership List >

Nasdaq Leadership

The leadership team and the business unit senior vice presidents work collectively to bolster Nasdaq as a leading provider of trading, exchange technology, listing, information and public company services across six continents.

Nasdaq Leadership

Our Leadership

Our leadership team is composed of an exceptional group of executives who are committed to helping our clients achieve their greatest ambitions.

Executive Team

Executive Team members are fulfilling our client commitment in a number of ways, from championing technology and market innovation and creating exciting client growth opportunities to remaining at the forefront of capital market development and evolution.

Bob Greifeld - thumbROBERT GREIFELD >

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Greifeld assumed leadership of Nasdaq in 2003, when the company's primary business was operating one equity market in the U.S. Today, Nasdaq is a leading participant in the exchange and technology sector, delivering trading, listing, intelligence, and public company services across six continents. Read Full Profile >

Adena Friedman - thumbADENA T. FRIEDMAN >


Ms. Friedman is responsible for overseeing the strategy and operations as well as having financial responsibility for the company’s Listing Services, Information Services (comprising Indexes and Data Products) and Technology Solutions (comprising Market Technology and Corporate Solutions) business segments. Read Full Profile > 

Hans-Ole Jochumsen - hi resHANS-OLE JOCHUMSEN >

President, Global Trading & Market Services

Mr. Jochumsen is the President of Nasdaq, with responsibility for Global Trading and Market Services, which comprises all transactions, clearing, and settlement services at Nasdaq, including equities, equity derivatives, fixed income, currency, and commodities (FICC). Read Full Profile >

Lee Shavel 2LEE SHAVEL >

Chief Financial Officer

Lee Shavel is responsible for all aspects of financial management at Nasdaq, including accounting, financial planning and analysis, investor relations, treasury, internal reporting, corporate operations and risk management. In addition, Mr. Shavel oversees Corporate Strategy, working with Mr. Greifeld to define Nasdaq’s strategic direction. Read Full Profile >

Brad Peterson - hi resBRAD PETERSON >

EVP & Chief Information Officer

Brad Peterson runs the Global Technology Services group, which develops and delivers innovative, cost efficient and short time-to-market technology solutions with measurable results to our business partners and customers around the world. Read Full Profile >

Ed Knight - hi resEDWARD S. KNIGHT

EVP & General Counsel & Chief Regulatory Officer

Ed Knight provides legal counsel to senior management and leads many Nasdaq teams, including legal, government relations, listing qualifications, market regulation, corporate governance and the office of economic research. Read Full Profile 

Salil Donde - hi resSALIL DONDE >

Executive Vice President, Global Information Services

Mr. Donde is responsible for leading the strategic direction and overseeing all aspects of the company’s Index and Data products businesses which provide solutions, intelligence and insight to the global capital markets. Prior to joining Nasdaq, Mr. Donde served as Chief Executive Officer of Lewtan Technologies, Inc. Read Full Profile >

Nelson Griggs - hi resNELSON GRIGGS >

Executive Vice President, Listing Services

Mr. Griggs oversees Nasdaq’s new listings and capital market business as well as global business development and relationship management with the 3,500 companies listed on Nasdaq’s listing markets around the world. Mr. Griggs also serves as a board member of the Nasdaq Private Market. Read Full Profile >

Lars Ottersgård - hi resLARS OTTERSGARD >

Executive Vice President, Market Technology

Lars Ottersgård was named Executive Vice President and Head of Nasdaq Market Technology in October 2014. This business provides technology solutions and services to the exchange and across the financial services industry globally. Market Technology consists of: Sales, Advisory & Training Services, SMARTS, and Business Control. Read Full Profile >

Thomas Wittman - hi resTHOMAS A. WITTMAN >

Executive Vice President & Global Head of Equities

Thomas (Tom) A. Wittman is Executive Vice President of Global Trading & Market Services, a division of the company’s Global Trading & Market Services business. Based in Philadelphia, Mr. Wittman oversees the global cash equities and equity derivatives businesses. Read Full Profile >

Bruce Aust - hi resBRUCE AUST >

Vice Chairman

Bruce Aust is Vice Chairman of Nasdaq. In this role, Mr. Aust works closely with Nasdaq’s Global Listing Services unit to assist clients and prospects worldwide. Mr. Aust also serves as President of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, located in San Francisco, and will play an integral role in the creation and launch of the Center. Read Full Profile >

Sandy Frucher - hi resMEYER FRUCHER >

Vice Chairman

Meyer "Sandy" Frucher manages global exchange relationships and advises the executive team. He joined Nasdaq from The Philadelphia Stock Exchange in 2008. Read Full Profile >

Senior Vice Presidents

With coordinated leadership, the company provides a diverse portfolio of solutions, that enables customers to plan, optimize and execute their business vision with confidence, using proven technologies that provide transparency and insight for navigating today’s global capital markets.

Adam Kostyál >Jean-Jacques Louis >Peter Jessup >
Andreas Gustafsson >
Jeremy Skule >Robert H. McCooey, Jr. >
Bjørn Sibbern >Joan C. Conley >Stacie Swanstrom >
Brian O'Malley >Johan Rudén >
Bryan Smith >John A. Zecca >
Charlotte Crosswell >Joseph C. Noviello >
Conny Andersson >Lauri Rosendahl >
Frank M. Hatheway >Lex Speal >
Gunilla Hellqvist >Lou Modano >
Greg Lipper >
Magnus Billing >
Heather Abbott >Paul McKeown >

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