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Nasdaq's Story

The Nasdaq of today is the result of a carefully orchestrated plan to diversify our business model. Our transformation was driven by our ability to create opportunities in areas adjacent to our core businesses--many of which are non-transaction based and rooted in innovative technology.
The Nasdaq Story

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Innovation has always been--and will continue to be--part of our DNA.  Today, the company is firmly established as a technology provider and strives to be the leading technology, trading, and intelligence provider to capital markets.
Nasdaq has evolved dramatically from its beginnings in 1971

We began primarily a U.S.-based equities exchange. Today, Nasdaq is recognized around the globe as a diversified worldwide financial technology, trading and information services provider to the capital markets, with more than 3,500 colleagues serving businesses and investors from over 50 offices in 26 countries across six continents – and in every capital market. 

With our customers in mind, we transformed the world’s capital markets by engineering precedent-setting acquisitions, achieving groundbreaking progress, and empowering people to think differently and businesses to compete more effectively.

Our timeline illustrates our proud history of not only growth and achievement but also, and equally important, the tremendous strides that can be achieved through a shared commitment to the pursuit of innovation, knowledge and continuous improvement. 

Nasdaq's Recent History
Historical Event
NASDAQ introduces the era of all-electronic trading. With this innovation, NASDAQ attracts new growth companies, such as Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Oracle and Dell.
OM, Europe’s first derivatives exchange (founded in 1985 ) becomes the world’s first exchange that is a publicly traded and listed. 
OM becomes the first exchange in history to transform the exchange business model by leveraging its capital markets and technology expertise to service the exchange industry. The company sold the world’s first electronic exchange system for derivatives trading, commercializing its proprietary technology
NASDAQ begins offering investor relations, public relations and multimedia services (technology-based monitoring, reporting and marketing) to listed companies to help promote their capital health. Today, this business represents more than 10% of total net revenue.
NASDAQ merges with OMX, a leading exchange operator in the Nordics, to diversify and expand its global footprint, and changes its name to The NASDAQ OMX Group.
The NASDAQ OMX Group acquires Thomson Reuters’ investor relations, public relations and Multimedia Solutions businesses, expanding its corporate solutions business. The acquisition makes The NASDAQ OMX Group a leading provider of company solutions to more than 10,000 corporate clients.
The NASDAQ OMX Group is now known as Nasdaq, which represents its rising global brand recognition and new brand identity.
Nasdaq aquires index provider and analytics group, Dorsey Wright & Associates, LLC.
Although today’s Nasdaq story began more than 40 years ago, it contains a rich history of the creation of financial and capital marketplaces throughout the world.

A Powerful Model

Our strategic business development has also expanded our capabilities into most-valued services and to provide capital-markets infrastructure services to industry players.

Our Businesses

Nasdaq is built strategically around four complementary business segments – Tech, Trade, Intel and List – that guide our clients as they pursue opportunities to create, or maximize, value in the world’s capital markets.
Nasdaq has and continues to be recognized for its excellence by leaders and publications throughout a variety of industries and market segments.
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