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Nasdaq's Government Testimony & Opinion Editorials

Below is a list of recent and archived transcripts, articles, webcasts, and videos from Nasdaq Senior Executives' testimony before Congress, EU Institutions, and with prominent Editorial Boards of global media.

Policy Issue
Overview Information
The JOBS Act at Five: Examining Its Impact and Proposals to Further Enhance Capital Formation (March 2017)
Testimony of Edward S. Knight, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Regulatory Officer, Nasdaq, Inc. before a Congressional Subcommittee (Read the testimony)
The JOBS Act at Four: Examining Its Impact and Proposals to Further Enhance Capital Formation (April 2016)
Testimony of Nelson Griggs, Nasdaq Executive Vice President of Listings before a Congressional Subcommittee (Read the testimony) (Watch the video)
The RAISE Act - Reforming Access for Investments in Startup Enterprises Act (July 2015)
Nelson Griggs, Executive Vice President of Listings wrote and OpEd calling for bipartisan support of the bill (Read the article)
America's Fiscal Future - Nasdaq and Politico Event (July 2015)
Nasdaq hosted U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew (Watch the video from the event)
ESMA's Clearing Obligation on EEA Currencies (July 2015)
Nasdaq's reply to ESMA's consultation (Read response)
Access Fees and TICK Pilot (July 2015)
Letter by Thomas Wittman, Global Head of Equities & President/CEO of the Nasdaq Stock Market on Access Fees (Read the article)
Nasdaq Proxy Advisor Reform Update (June 2015)

Nasdaq and Chamber of Commerce review the initial results from a joint survey of public company proxy season experience (Read the article)

Interest Rates and the Federal Reserve
Nasdaq CEO, Bob Greifeld wrote an OpEd piece in the Wall Street Journal regarding interest rate increases (Read the article)
EMIR Public Hearing on Bank Guarantees and Portfolio Margining (May 2015)
Nasdaq's Fredrik Ekström spoke on a panel (View a replay of the hearing webcast)
Priorities for Building an EU Capital Markets Union (April 2015)

Magnus Billing spoke on a panel on this important issue at the EUROFI Conference in Rigia (Read more)

Regulatory Vision for Venture Exchanges (March 2015)
Congressional testimony by Nelson Griggs, Executive Vice President of Listings at Nasdaq (Read more)
ESMA's Consultation on MiFID II (March 2015)
Nasdaq's reply to ESMA's Consultation regarding MiFID II (Read summary)(Read full response)
Corporate Tax Code (August 2014)
Nasdaq CEO, Bob Greifeld offered his opinion on inversions, corporate tax code reform and more (Read the article)
The Jobs Act (January 2014)
Nasdaq CEO, Bob Greifeld discussed the state of the IPO market and how The Jobs Act assists growth (Watch the video)
Greater Transparency from Proxy Advisory Firms (Oct. 2013)
A Nasdaq Petition with the SEC regarding methodologies and potential conflicts of interest (Read the petition)
Financial Benchmarks and Indices (April 2013)

Bjorn Sibbern, Nasdaq briefed Members of the ECON Committee of the European Parliament (Read the brief)

ESMA: Draft Technical Standards for Regulations on Short Selling (Feb. 2012)

Nasdaq's reply to ESMA regarding regulations on short selling and certain aspects of CDS (Read the reply)

Computer Trading in U.S. Securities Markets (Dec, 2012)
Eric Noll, former Nasdaq Executive Vice President testified before a Senate Committee (Read the testimony)
Reopening American Capital Markets to Emerging Growth Companies Act (Dec. 2011)
Testimony of Joseph Brantuk, Vice President Corporate Client Group before House Financial Services Committee (Read the testimony)
Spurring Job Growth Through Capital Formation While Protecting Investors (Dec. 2011)
Testimony of Edward S. Knight, General Counsel and Executive Vice President at Nasdaq (Read the testimony)
Economic Imperative for Enacting Immigration Reform: High Skilled Immigration as a Driver of Economic Growth (July 2011)
Testimony of Nasdaq CEO, Bob Greifeld before the Senate Judiciary Committee (Read the testimony)
Short Selling (July 2010)

Nasdaq's reply to the European Commission on Short Selling (Read the reply)

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