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Nasdaq Boardvantage®

Leading the market in delivering paperless process for boardroom communication and leadership team collaboration.

Nasdaq Boardvantage is the next generation board portal and leadership team collaboration software from Nasdaq Corporate Solutions. Built on the latest technology and designed with industry-leading security features, this SaaS solution easily scales to meet the dynamic meeting management and governance needs of corporate secretaries, directors and senior management.

Corporate Secretaries and Administrators

Built in mind with the dynamic needs of company and corporate secretaries, and meeting organizers, Nasdaq Boardvantage offers an exceptionally flexible and user-friendly interface for administrators:

Directors and Senior Management

With the Nasdaq Boardvantage app, directors will have much more than a board portal at hand. Easy sign-on with Touch ID, intuitive notification and collaboration tools, and a suite of governance support services make this an indispensable companion inside the boardroom and beyond:

IT and Security

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions recognizes that protecting your most sensitive information is at the top of your concerns. This is why we built Nasdaq Boardvantage with full strength encryption, multi-factor authentication:

Governance Resources

Resources for today's corporate secretaries, board of directors and senior leaders.

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Today's boards are going paperless. Board portals give directors greater visibility, streamline board book creation, and tighten information security.


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