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Analytics Hub

Access alternative data and buy and sell signals derived from machine intelligence to inform investment ideas.

Analytics Hub

Analytics Hub provides institutional investors, fund managers and traders with a growing library of normalized alternative data as well as unique buy and sell signals from our machine intelligence engine. The data and computed signals are backtested, vetted and managed by Nasdaq so you can focus on alpha generation, risk and/or research without the need for multiple vendor relationships, set-ups and contracts.

The latest data source—Multi Expert Long with a Short Only Hedge—now available solely on Nasdaq Analytics Hub.

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Multi-Expert Long with Short Hedge

  • Reduces a portfolio’s risk and volatility while preserving return of the core holdings
  • Recommends highly liquid ETFs as hedges

Technical Analysis

  • Followed by 8,000+ financial advisors and money managers 
  • Over $7 billion in AUM tracking

Twitter Sentiment

  • Extracted from unstructured social content 
  • Transformed into highly actionable indicators

G-10 Communiqué

  • 10 central banks scored, evaluated, and indexed 
  • Quantified into directly tradeable data

Premium Alpha

  • Measures active, real-time investor sentiments 
  • Signals consistently outperform the S&P 500

Corporate Filings

  • Near real-time analysis of buried texts  
  • 1200 publicly-listed companies

Corporate Earnings

  • Context and insights into the language used by officers and analysts 
  • Covering ~3000 publicly-traded companies

Multi-expert Factors (Long Only)

  • Predictive signals via daily feed—scored  
  • Covering the full Russell 1000

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