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Corporate Filings

About the dataset

  • Introducing corporate filing data as part of the contributing factors to the Nasdaq Analytics Hub. The Analytics Hub combines third-party and Nasdaq datasets with our machine intelligence engine, creating new and unique market signals. All third-party data partners must pass a rigorous Nasdaq vetting process.
  • This dataset includes:
    • Near real-time analysis of buried text from 10Qs, 10Ks, S-1s, S-4s, Form 10s
    • Universe of ~1200 publicly-listed companies
    • Wide range of key information, buried deep in high-percentage of 10Qs/10Ks: upcoming/planned events, internal deliberations, discussions on industry/competition/business, disclosures of material information
    • Comparison reports highlighting key additions and deletions (10Qs/10Ks/S-1s/S-4s/Form 10s)
    • Time-sensitive, noteworthy highlights flagged and delivered to clients
    • Noteworthy highlights signaling a company’s internal deliberations, upcoming material events and disclosures
    • Additional insights into delayed filings; trends across many companies
  • Raw data provided by 280first. 280first is a financial services platform that produces positive and negative signals from dynamically analyzing unstructured data (text discussions) within financial documents/corporate filings.

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