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Retail Investor Sentiment

About the dataset

  • Introducing long & short sentiment forecasting as contributing factors to the Nasdaq Analytics Hub. The Analytics Hub combines third-party and Nasdaq datasets with our machine intelligence engine, creating new and unique market signals. All third-party data partners must pass a rigorous Nasdaq vetting process, including survivor-bias-free back-testing—confirming the validity and effectiveness of the data.
  • This dataset includes:
    • Long/Short signals by capturing proprietary retail investor sentiment, back-tested to outperform the market
    • Derived from 70mm+ opinions from retail investors
    • History: 2007 onwards
    • Ticker universe: ~2,500
    • Daily data feed product, SFTP delivery
    • Additional Nasdaq machine learning derived value-added data and analytics fields
  • Retail investor sentiment signals provided by PredictWallStreet. For over a decade, PredictWallStreet has been harnessing the collective intelligence of online investors to gain an edge in the market.

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