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Nasdaq Webcasting for Internal Communications

Help improve employee engagement with our global webcast solutions for your executive updates and employee town hall events.
Keep employees around the world engaged with interactive broadcast-quality webcasting software for virtual town hall meetings and executive updates.

Our browser-based platform features HTML5 and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), upgrading the user experience for your team and employees with the latest technology, and helping reduce issues behind the firewall. Our dedicated support team can help you minimize network issues and implement security features to help safeguard access to your content. 

  • Reduce Overall Infrastructure Costs
    Use only what you need on an event by event basis with no specialized hardware to buy. You can also leverage existing LAN/WAN optimization systems, such as Symantec/BlueCoat ProxySG or Cisco WAAS which are compatible with HLS and offer stream replication services. 
  • Optimize the Viewer Experience
    By using HTML5 and adaptive HLS, our platform detects network conditions and automatically adjusts the stream quality for each employee. 
  • Manage Bandwidth Consumption
    We partner with industry-leading Enterprise Content Delivery Network providers to offer an integrated software-based streaming solution that can dramatically decrease overall bandwidth consumption during a live town hall meeting. 
  • Mitigate Firewall Issues
    Your employee webcast streams will be delivered over standard HTTP or HTTPS ports, 80 or 443, eliminating the need to customize firewall ports.
Improve Employee Engagement
  • Virtual town hall meetings
  • Executive strategy updates
  • Financial results and performance commentary
  • M&A announcements
  • HR policy updates
  • Partner/franchise communications

Download Guide for Nasdaq Webcasting for Internal communications

Download Factsheet for Nasdaq Webcasting for Internal Communications


With a dedicated Webcast Service Manager assigned to your event, you get end-to-end support every step of the way from a person you will know by name. In addition to the personal touch, your webcast will be delivered through responsive HTML5 players which showcase high-quality HTTP Live Streaming. And with detailed reporting, you will be able to track registration and audience participation before, during and after your event.


Every event is assigned to a dedicated Webcast Service Manager who will provide personalized support, including scheduling your webcast, training your team, monitoring your event, and providing you with post-event analytics.


With webcast operation centers on four continents and Webcast Services Managers in 23 countries, we can provide event support and localized best practices around the world. Our global platform and infrastructure give us scalability and additional layers of redundancy to help ensure the continuity of your high-profile events.


Our HTML5 players require no software to download, meeting the needs of viewers on the go with a responsive webcast experience which automatically resizes itself to a user’s device.


Our comprehensive webcast analytics give you insight into audience behavior, from tracking user registration to how viewers engage with your presentation. With our completely redesigned reporting dashboard, it’s never been easier to monitor your metrics and export the data.


Increase visibility of your webcast event details through our global distribution network, including Thomson Reuters Eikon (StreetEvents).


The reliability and availability of your content is supported by fully redundant signal paths and automatic failover, along with our 24/7 infrastructure support and network monitoring by our dedicated Technical Operations team. Application-level security features including encrypted file uploads help safeguard pre-disclosed content.


Customize the look-and-feel of your webcast experience to align with your corporate brand. You can choose from a portfolio of interactive options to help increase engagement and attention.


Provide a localized experience by delivering your webcast in multiple languages. We offer translation services and captioning to help you meet the needs of your global audience.


When webcasting a live event—particularly those as high profile as your IR webcasts—there are many moving parts to consider. Our experienced onsite producers will work with you to design a solution that meets both your creative and budgetary needs. We can offer consultation and services across your workflow, from venue selection to advice on signal acquisition and audio-visual equipment rental.

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