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Digital Media Management - Nasdaq

Webcasting, Webinars & Multimedia Portals

With our customizable webcast and webinar solutions delivered on our reliable Digital Media platform, you can easily expand the reach of your messages, improve audience engagement and conversions, and measure the volume of leads you generate.
Digital Media Management - Nasdaq

World-class Support Around the Globe

We’re the only provider of webcasting solutions with operation centers on 4 continents to support your needs wherever you are. We also have local service teams around the world who understand regional requirements and can advise you on webcast and webinar best practices.

Need to webcast in multiple languages? We offer translation services and captioning so you can meet the needs of your global audiences.


Your audience is mobile. Now so is your multimedia content. With Nasdaq’s Digital Media platform, your audiences can now access your live and on demand webcasts and video content on their iOS- and Android-powered mobile devices - including iPads. This feature is available to you at no extra charge.

  • The mobile experience retains all the functionality you love, including registration pages, polls, surveys, Q&A, synchronized slides and Twitter integration.
  • No apps or special software are required. Mobile users access your webcast using the same URL as desktop users.  
  • Our platform auto-detects each mobile device’s operating system (OS) and adapts the player’s user interface to the OS styling
  • All devices are categorized automatically as either a “phone” or “tablet” and we’ll deliver an appropriate user interface. The larger screens of tablets will more closely resemble a desktop experience.
  • In addition to a standard URL, we’ll provide your player links as QR codes. Users can scan these images with QR readers and smartphones to open your content in a browser without needing to enter a URL.


Our webcast solutions are delivered through Digital Media platform, an easy-to-use, flexible platform that requires no download and uses Windows Media and Flash formats. Our feature-rich platform includes:

  • Customized branding and design to reinforce your corporate identity or campaign
  • Control booth providing a single interface for keeping all presenters on track, monitoring audience attendance, viewing poll results and moderating inbound questions
  • Interactivity to gather audience feedback using real-time Q&A, polling and exit surveys
  • Social sharing to extend your reach to networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Twitter integration to allow attendees to follow conversations about your webcast by displaying tweets in the player window based on hashtag or account handle
  • Smartcodes to track the URLs from which your webcast is being accessed
  • Audience analytics so you can understand user behavior (how long participants watched, who asked a question, etc.)
  • Security settings to control access to your content
  • Mobile access on iOS-powered devices, including iPhones and iPads
  • Multi-language support to meet the needs of your global audiences
  • Registration pass-through and single sign-on to streamline access to your content.

A Single Partner for Your Production Needs

When webcasting a live event such as a product launch, there are many moving parts to consider. Our experienced onsite producers will work with you to design a solution that meets both your creative and budgetary needs. Stay focused on your message and presentation knowing that we will deliver:

  • Signal acquisition for live video webcasts including fiber and satellite feeds
  • Broadcast-quality video cameras
  • Pro audio microphones, mixers and recording equipment
  • Full-service lighting and staging
  • Public address systems and projection equipment
  • Translation services
  • Complete project management
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