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Governance Management

Directors Desk for Corporate Secretaries & Administrators

Streamline board management with Directors Desk's intuitive workflows.


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Corporate Secretaries & Board Administrators

Directors Desk's intuitive workflows are designed to allow corporate secretaries and administrators to communicate and collaborate with board members with less effort.

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Features for Corporate Secretaries & Board Administrators


With just a few clicks, it’s possible to create surveys, votes and discussions, and have these items announced and displayed on your directors dashboard for their review and action. The dashboard is designed for you to display timely and actionable content to your board and executive teams, including announcements and important and recently updated documents.

Digital Rights Management

Our powerful advanced digital rights management is designed to enable you to control who can see what – simply define who should access a document when it’s uploaded. You can also enable and disable rights such as print, copy & paste and screen capture, amongst others.


Use the workflows to schedule a meeting, create an agenda into which documents can be dragged and dropped, create versions with access rights assigned on an individual attendee level, and publish the materials to the directors’ dashboard. Meetings can be synced with Microsoft Outlook® and through the RSVP feature, so you can easily track expected attendance. Once the meeting finishes, simply download the template minutes to help prepare your final copy.

Retain material electronically as a corporate record

Not only does saving your corporate record within Directors Desk help you keep your records organized and readily available, it serves also as a business continuity control aid. With your records on our servers in one of the available Directors Desk geographic service regions, you can access your records almost anytime, anywhere, and mitigate the risks from business disruption.

Maintain a robust audit trail of activity

Directors Desk is designed to capture and record activity of users at a granular level to help you maintain a robust internal control environment. If you need to know who has uploaded a document and when, or who has downloaded a document to read, you’re just a few clicks away. 

24-Hour Support

Call, email or request a call back at a convenient time to access our board portal experts when you need assistance. Supported product languages include English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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