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Delays in last sale prices can result in missed opportunities and lost profits. In the stock market, timing is everything.

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Industry leaders, cyber experts, and policymakers joined the NCSA & Nasdaq to discuss the latest cybersecurity topics.

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Investment Products

We at Nasdaq Dorsey Wright offer Separately Managed Accounts, and partner with leading firms to offer investment products that utilize our research and Relative Strength strategies.

Exchange Traded Products (ETFs and ETNs)

We have helped power the trend toward intelligent indexing within ETFs since 2007. The current roster of Dorsey Wright-branded ETFs collectively provide disciplined investment solutions for every major asset class.

US Equity Rotation 
PowerShares DWA Momentum Portfolio (PDP) 
PowerShares DWA SmallCap Momentum Portfolio (DWAS) 
PowerShares DWA NASDAQ Momentum Portfolio (DWAQ) 
Sector Rotation 
First Trust Dorsey Wright Focus 5 ETF (FV)
First Trust Dorsey Wright Dynamic Focus 5 ETF (FVC)
PowerShares DWA Tactical Sector Rotation Portfolio (DWTR)
Alps Dorsey Wright Sector Momentum ETF (SWIN)
Sector/Industry Specific
PowerShares DWA Materials Momentum Portfolio (PYZ) 
PowerShares DWA Consumer Cyclicals Momentum Portfolio (PEZ) 
PowerShares DWA Consumer Staples Momentum Portfolio (PSL) 
PowerShares DWA Energy Momentum Portfolio (PXI) 
PowerShares DWA Financials Momentum Portfolio (PFI) 
PowerShares DWA Healthcare Momentum Portfolio (PTH) 
PowerShares DWA Industrials Momentum Portfolio (PRN) 
PowerShares DWA Technology Momentum Portfolio (PTF) 
PowerShares DWA Utilities Momentum Portfolio (PUI) 
PowerShares DWA Developed Markets Momentum Portfolio (PIZ) 
PowerShares DWA Emerging Markets Momentum Portfolio (PIE) 
First Trust Dorsey Wright INternational Focus 5 ETF (IFV)
AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright ADR ETF (AADR)
Fixed Income/Multi-Asset Income
SPDR Dorsey Wright Fixed Income Allocation ETF (DWFI)
PowerShares DWA Tactical Multi-Asset Income Portfolio (DWIN)
Alternative Assets
Elkhorn Commodity Rotation Strategy ETF (DWAC)
BMO Elkhorn DWA MLP Select Index ETN (BMLP)
Arrow DWA Tactical ETF (DWAT)
PowerShares DWA Momentum & Low Volatility Rotation Portfolio (DWLV)
Canadian Listed
PowerShares DWA Global Momentum Index ETF (DWG)
First Trust Dorsey Wright U.S. Sector Rotation Index ETF (FSR)


Our Systematic Relative Strength strategies are available as separately managed accounts. All are managed using a disciplined relative strength methodology that seeks to capitalize on long-term trends.


Dorsey Wright Relative Strength Top 50

Invests in stocks selected by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright using our proprietary investment process and is designed to be held over the fixed 15 month term of the trust. The trust is constructed as an equally weighted portfolio of high relative strength securities. This unit investment trust seeks above-average capital appreciation.

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Dorsey Wright Relative Strength Dividend

Invests in stocks selected by Dorsey Wright using our proprietary investment process and is designed to be held over the fixed 15 month term of the trust. The trust seeks above-average total return through a combination of capital appreciation and dividend income by investing in a portfolio of companies selected by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright using a comprehensive evaluation process.

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SmartTrust - Dorsey Wright International Momentum Trust

This 15-month SmartTrust Unit Investment Trust seeks to provide investors with the possibility of capital appreciation through investment in equity securities of foreign companies. Dorsey Wright selects the securities using proprietary investment process using relative strength (momentum) and then equally weights the 50 strongest companies based on their respective relative strength rankings.


DWA Large Cap Sector Rotation Target Volatility 7 Index (DWASSRV)
7 Year Market Linked CD

Linked to DWA Large Cap Sector Rotation Target Volatility 7 Index due 11/20/2021

Momentum & Low Volatility Certificate Trackers

The Global Momentum & Low Volatility Index Series
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