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Where tech meets traditional trading — Nasdaq PHLX combines cutting-edge electronic and floor-based trading to deliver a true full service options platform.

Delays in last sale prices can result in missed opportunities and lost profits. In the stock market, timing is everything.

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Industry leaders, cyber experts, and policymakers joined the NCSA & Nasdaq to discuss the latest cybersecurity topics.

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Look Deeper

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Daily equities research, portfolio construction/allocation workflows, securities rankings and more >

White Paper: Ups and Downs of Sector Rotation

How the discipline of sector rotation strategies can yield quite significant over-performance over time

Our History

A look at Nasdaq Dorsey Wright through time

Investment Research, Tools and Solutions

Our investment research, tools and solutions are built on the idea that markets, securities, and signals are actionable through analysis.  Over the last thirty years, our DWA Research Platform, Dorsey Wright SMA/UMA strategies, indexes, and team of analysts have created more informed, conversations for advisors and their clients.

Now as a part of Nasdaq, we continue to help advisors build and protect client wealth based on the Relative Strength investment factor. Whether you’re at a large shop or an emerging advisory practice, we can help reduce the complexity of asset allocation and client relationships.

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The DWA Research Platform helps advisors make smarter investment decisions and recommendations by identifying asset classes, funds, and securities that are in and out of favor.  Our team of analysts strengthens the platform experience with daily research and recommendations, which directly influence 78% of the investment decisions made by thousands of advisors*. 

Dorsey Wright SMA/UMA strategies

Dorsey wright SMA/UMA strategies

Dorsey Wright portfolio strategies are available as separately managed accounts at a growing number of firms. Our portfolios span U.S. and International Equities, Global Macro, and Tactical Fixed Income, and are built on relative strength and momentum strategies, the main focus of our proprietary investment process.


dorsey wright INDEXES

The first ETF linked to a Dorsey Wright index launched in 2007. We have since expanded our indexes into new markets to help asset managers launch innovative global solutions for investment professionals around the globe.

investment products

Investment products

30+ ETFs, Mutual Funds and other products leverage Dorsey Wright indexes to help build and protect wealth for today's investors. Over $6 billion in assets track our indexes as of February 2017.

support and education

support and education

Look no further than our market research and commentary for insights on macro and micro events, and specific investment recommendations to help generate capital gains and preserve wealth in uncertain markets.

About Us

About Us

Nasdaq Dorsey Wright is a registered investment advisory firm that has been an advisor to financial professionals since 1987.  Our team of research analysts and portfolio managers help provide innovative solutions to retail and institutional investors.
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