Update to GIFFD SFTP File Directory Structure

Nasdaq will be implementing a standard GIFFD SFTP file directory structure and will be removing the TOKENID within the actual file names for all index files effective Monday 23rd July 2018.

Why is Nasdaq Making This Change?
Nasdaq calculates over 40,000 Indexes and creates over 200,000 files a day. By grouping these files into sub folders will improve the loading and fetching time of the index files, it will also dramatically speed up the time on assigning new indexes and files to clients’ accounts.

What Changes Will Nasdaq Make to the GIFFD (SFTP) Folder Structure?
The new GIFFD SFTP file directory structure will be as follows:

  • Year (YYYY) 
  • Month Day (MMDD)
  • File Type

Example: ftp.indexes.nasdaqomx.com/#/username/YYYY/MMDD/TOKENID/filetype/

What Changes will Nasdaq Making to the GIFFD (SFTP) Files?
Nasdaq will remove the “TOKENID” within the actual file name.

  • Existing File Name Example:
  • New File Name Example

What Do Clients Need to Do?
All GIFFD SFTP clients will need to ensure they have updated their automated code:

  • Begin reading the new the new file name which excludes TOKENID

Will There Be a Parallel Period?
Yes, clients can begin testing from Monday July 2nd 2018

What If I’m Not Using GIFFD SFTP to Pull Nasdaq Index Files?
Clients pulling data directly from Global Index Watch (GIW) website or using web services URL calls to pull their Index data will not be impacted with the GIFFD SFTP file directory change and can continue to pull the Index data via the current process and will not need to make a change.

For additional information
Email DataProducts@nasdaq.com
Phone + 45 339 333 66 or + 1 301 978 5307 #2

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