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Commodity Indexes

The Nasdaq Commodity Index Family provides the broadest opportunity set in the commodities marketplace.

Our transparent and rules-based selection criteria result in a diverse index family with significant exposure across major commodity sectors. The family consists of 32 different futures-based commodities, and is available in five different roll schedules. 


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In a recent presentation to a group of financial advisors in London, Nasdaq Global Indexes Research & Development Associate Director Efram Slen discusses Oil trends. Among the highlights of his presentation:

  • Oil capacity or supply experienced a revolutionary shift in the past few years.
  • US supply exploded, the Middle East continued its pumping, and global demand was stifled resulting in a shift that started two years ago and has continued.
  • Fundamentals within the US continued to improve while other markets still face headwinds.
  • The US once again outperformed the global markets. Since the financial crisis receded the US has outgained the world by approximately 140% and once again in 2016 by 8%.

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