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KBW Indexes

Nasdaq Global Indexes and Keefe Bruyette & Woods (KBW) have partnered to enhance KBW’s industry-leading family of financial indexes. 

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KBW Indexes

"The KBW indexes are an extremely valuable brand, and we are excited about the new energy that Nasdaq will bring to this partnership. Financial Services is the second largest sector of the overall market and while many products lump all financial services companies together, they fail to recognize that financial companies tend to trade on different factors."

- Dan Draper
Invesco PowerShares Managing Director of Global ETFs

The KBW Nasdaq indexes will offer investors the purest targeted exposure to each individual financial sector. The targeted sectors include banking, asset management, broker/dealer, insurance, equity REITs and mortgage finance: 

  • KBW Nasdaq Bank Index (BKX)
  • KBW Nasdaq Regional Banking Index (KRX)
  • KBW Nasdaq Capital Markets Index (KSX)
  • KBW Nasdaq Insurance Index (KIX)
  • KBW Nasdaq Property & Casualty Index (KPX
  • KBW Nasdaq Premium Yield Eq. REIT Index (KYX)
  • KBW Nasdaq Financial Sector Dividend Yield Index (KDX)
  • KBW Nasdaq Global Financials (ex-U.S.) Index (KGX)
  • KBW Nasdaq Mortgage Finance Index (MFX)
  • KBW Nasdaq Global Bank Net Total Return Index (GBKXN
  • KBW Nasdaq Financial Technology Index (KFTX)

The indexes are currently the basis for seven ETFs offering investors access to key financial sub-sectors, including:

Fund NameIndex NameETF Ticker
PowerShares KBW Bank Porftolio
KBW Nasdaq Bank Index
PowerShares KBW Capital Markets Portfolio
KBW Nasdaq Capital Markets Index
PowerShares KBW Insurance Portfolio
KBW Nasdaq Insurance Index
PowerShares KBW Regional banking Portfolio
KBW Nasdaq Regional Banking Index
PowerShares KBW Property and Casualty Insurance Portfolio
KBW Nasdaq Property & Casualty Index
PowerShares KBW High Dividend Yield Portfolio
KBW Nasdaq Financial Sector Dividend Yield Index
PowerShares KBW Premium Yield Equity REIT Portfolio
KBW Nasdaq Premium Yield Eq. REIT Index

There are a number of outside influences impacting the financial sector - such as the potential of rising interest rates and increased regulatory scrutiny - and the KBW Nasdaq products offer investors specific ways to play or hedge against the sector.

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