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Traders Turn to Nasdaq When They Hear These Words

Delays in last sale prices can result in missed opportunities and lost profits. In the stock market, timing is everything.

See How Commodities are Trading Today

The PwC Annual Corporate Directors Survey provides insight on the “The Good,” “The Bad” and “The Ugly” boards face.

Data Entitlements

GIW EntitlementCovered Indexes

Global Equities

Nasdaq Global Index FamilyIncludes entire Nasdaq Global Index Family (NQGI) and sub-indexes, per methodology.
Developed MarketsNQDM index, all developed regional and country sub-indexes, by size and sector.
Emerging MarketsNQEM index, all emerging regional and country sub-indexes, by size and sector.
Europe RegionDeveloped and Emerging Europe indexes
AMEA RegionDeveloped and Emerging Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa indexes
Americas Region*North America and Latin America, including NQUSA family

*The Americas Region now includes the NOMX US All Market Index Family

U.S. Classic (Nasdaq /PHLX)Nasdaq U.S. (Nasdaq and PHLX) flagship indexes, select custom (third party and global) indexes
Nordic/Baltic BundledIncludes entire OMX Nordic and Baltic Indexes
Nasdaq NordicNasdaq Nordic indexes (OMX families)
Nasdaq BalticNasdaq Baltic indexes
Nasdaq VINX ClassicNasdaq VINX Classic
Nasdaq Green Economy FamilyNasdaq Green Economy Family (QGREEN, GRNWATER, etc.)

Dividend and Income

Nasdaq Dividend and Income FamilyDividend and Income Index Family covers a variety of income-generating indexes, including our newly-acquired Nasdaq Dividend Achievers.


Nasdaq Commodity FamilyNasdaq Commodity Family (NQCI)

Fixed Income

Nasdaq Nordic Fixed Income**Nordic Fixed Income (OMRX and Nasdaq Credit SEK series)
**This entitlement is available as an add-on to Nordic/Baltic Classic (bundled) or as a stand alone to Fixed Income Licensee
Nasdaq BulletSharesNasdaq BulletShares
Nasdaq U.S. Treasury Fixed IncomeU.S. Treasury Fixed Income Family (RBC Insight TRUST indexes)
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