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Dorsey Wright Indexes

Dorsey, Wright & Associates, acquired by Nasdaq in 2015, has been an advisor to financial professionals worldwide for over 25 years.

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Dorsey Wright was an early adopter of smart beta strategies through its focus on alternative weightings to augment performance via proprietary tactical asset allocation models. Since its first ETF-linked index was launched in 2007, Dorsey Wright has expanded its index business into new markets and turned its portfolio and tactical asset allocation models into innovative global solutions for investment professionals.

The Dorsey Wright Indexes are some of the most well-known smart beta indexes in the world. The Dorsey Wright Technical Leaders Index family selects the highest relative strength companies from within their respective investment universes. In addition, the Focus Five Indexes select the five ETFs from the First Trust Portfolios product line with powerful relative strength characteristics.

Highlighted Dorsey Wright Indexes

  • Dorsey Wright Technical Leaders Index (DWTL)
  • Dorsey Wright Focus Five Index (DWANQFF)
  • Dorsey Wright International Focus Five Total Return (DWANQIFF)
  • DWA International Developed Markets Technical Leaders Index (DWADM)
  • DWA International Emerging Markets Technical Leaders Index (DWAEM)
  • DWA Technical Leaders Small Cap Index (DWATLSC)

Visit the Dorsey Wright website  for more details about the firm’s history and philosophy, access to unique research tools and educational materials, as well as information about investment products.

Technical Analysis: The Cornerstone of the Dorsey Wright Investment Approach

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis involves examining quantitative data to evaluate securities. This is the cornerstone of the Dorsey Wright investment approach – specifically, Point & Figure Charting and Relative Strength Analysis. Our tools cut through the clutter of day-to-day market action, identifying meaningful patterns in daily share price movements. These can be applied at the country, sector, or individual share level, and across a variety of asset classes. The goal, always, is to manage risk and concentrate investments in those areas of the market with the highest probabilities of future outperformance.

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Investment Solutions

Dorsey Wright-managed products and investment services give you turn-key access to Relative Strength strategies, driven by Dorsey Wright’s objective, global technical research.

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Why Nasdaq and Dorsey Wright?

DorseyWright logoIn early 2015, Nasdaq acquired Dorsey, Wright & Associates, which has been an advisor to financial professionals worldwide for over 25 years. Dorsey Wright adds to Nasdaq's robust index portfolio of more than 40,000 indexes, bringing model-based strategies and analysis to support the financial advisor community, and further strengthens Nasdaq's position as a leading smart beta index provider.

The combined group brings together 17 ETFs that track indexes and models and 69 licensed smart beta ETFs focused primarily on dividend and income strategies that track Nasdaq indexes. As a result, Nasdaq Global Indexes is now the largest provider of smart beta indexes with more than $40 billion in exchange-traded funds (ETF) linked to Nasdaq indexes. We are committed to providing financial advisors and other financial professionals with unique tools to empower their decision making.

Originally published on IRIS, this post by Dorsey, Wright & Associates, a Nasdaq company explains Smart Beta with some help from a favorite candy.
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