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Nordea Smart Beta Indexes

Transparent, rule-based equity strategy indexes aimed to provide exposure to a specific factor or multiple factors. 

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The Indexes follow a systematic selection approach where the first step is a liquidity screening and the second step and third step comprises a further selection between the securities that qualified from the first step, according to the designated factor or combination of factors. The single factors used are Momentum, Dividend Yield and Volatility and the combination used are Momentum-Volatility, Dividend-Volatility and Dividend-Momentum.

Nasdaq and Nordea have jointly designed the selection criteria’s and rebalancing rules for the Indexes.

Each of the six indexes contains 30 stocks listed at Nasdaq Stockholm that are selected and equally weighted at a quarterly basis.

The Indexes uses a specific five-day rebalance roll period and are created to be used as underlying for tradable products.

  • Nasdaq Nordea SmartBeta Dividend TR Index (NQNDDIT)
  • Nasdaq Nordea SmartBeta Dividend Momentum Swe TR (NQNDDMT)
  • Nasdaq Nordea SmartBeta Dividend Volatility Swe TR (NQNDDVT)
  • Nasdaq Nordea SmartBeta Momentum TR Index (NQNDMOT)
  • Nasdaq Nordea SmartBeta Momentum Volatility Swe TR (NQNDMVT)
  • Nasdaq Nordea SmartBeta Volatility TR Index (NQNDVOT)
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