Delays in last sale prices can result in missed opportunities and lost profits. In the stock market, timing is everything.

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Advisory Services


With the most experienced team in the industry, Nasdaq Advisory Services delivers unmatched shareholder analysis, a comprehensive view of trading and investor activity, and insights into how best to manage your investor relations outreach efforts.

Identify the institutional shareholders and/or bondholders in your company and peers. Our global team of experienced analysts cover all major industries and leverage the largest private ownership database to provide a unique view of your stock.
Our Investor Targeting program is designed to help you attract and retain investment capital in today’s dynamic marketplace. Work with our Targeting Specialists to effectively prioritize your outreach efforts and communicate your story to the right investors. We offer objective analysis of the investment community, identifying firms and funds that align with your strategy.

Perception Studies

As you strive to deliver results and differentiate yourself from your peers, we can help you understand how your company is perceived by the investment community.

Our Activism Practice can help you identify activist vulnerabilities and prepare for activist activity.

Tax and Regulatory Services

Our Tax and Regulatory Services team can help you implement your tax strategy and compliance program and identify your exposure to regulatory scrutiny.
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