Delays in last sale prices can result in missed opportunities and lost profits. In the stock market, timing is everything.

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IR Management

Activism Practice

Our Activism Practice is designed to help you proactively identify vulnerabilities and prepare for activist activity.
. IR Management - Activism Practise

Activism Practice

  • Reverse-engineer the activist screening process to identify the potential susceptibility to activists 
  • Map specific profiles of individual investors 
  • Proactively identify those investors most likely to engage in your stock 
  • Understand real-time shareholder movements with ongoing insight into derivative exposure by a tenured activist focused analyst

Why Nasdaq Corporate Solutions

  • Experienced Team of Analysts – Team averages 13 years of market experience and 9 years in Advisory with sector and geographical expertise.
  • Global Perspective – Nasdaq Corporate Solutions Advisory Services is the only provider with clients across all sectors and regions. 
  • Real-time Analytics – We apply cutting-edge big data analytics to dynamic dashboards that deliver real-time ownership and premium Advisory Services targeting intelligence.
  • Proprietary Ownership Models – Our targeting specialists incorporate our proprietary models in their analysis.
  • Institutional Quality of Information – We analyze the same information that drives institutional investment decisions.
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