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Our Investor Targeting program is designed to help you attract and retain investment capital in today’s dynamic marketplace. The Nasdaq Advisory Strategic Capital Intelligence Framework combines the power of Insight360TM with access to an experienced team of market analysts. Our consultative approach goes beyond traditional targeting strategies, with CMS monitoring at the granular level to understand behaviors and focus on economic profiles. Clients receive actionable intelligence that is:

  • Strategic – Prioritizing people and markets based upon key criteria
  • Tactical – Consistent fluidity in the plan based on the evolving market landscape 
  • Measurable – Quantifying the “Efficiency of Frequency”

Answer key questions with targeting:

  • Who are your shareholders and what are their characteristics?
  • Which investors can impact your valuation and shareholder base? 
  • Who should you be meeting with and why? 
  • How should you tailor your message for each targeted investor? 
  • Which regions and financial centers should you be visiting? 
  • How will investors react to a pending corporate action? 
  • How can you better communicate with the investment community? 
  • What was the impact of your outreach efforts?

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