Delays in last sale prices can result in missed opportunities and lost profits. In the stock market, timing is everything.

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Investor Targeting

Our Investor Targeting program is designed to help you attract and retain investment capital in today’s dynamic marketplace. Work with our Targeting Specialists to tell the right story to the right investors. We offer objective analysis of the investment community, identifying firms and funds that align with your strategy.

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Components of Our Targeting Program

  • Annual targeting plan – This detailed plan aligns your targeting efforts with your long-term ownership strategy. 
  • Quarterly IR activity and Year-In-Review reports – Measure the impact of your targeting efforts with our analysis of the time you and your management team spent meeting with targeted investors, and resulting changes in the investors’ holdings. 
  • Ongoing analysis and support – Maximize the return on all investor-focused events you attend by knowing which investors to target and tailoring your message to attract those investors.

Answer Key Questions with Targeting

  • Who are your shareholders and what are their characteristics? 
  • Which investors can impact your valuation and shareholder base? 
  • Who should you be meeting with and why? 
  • How should you tailor your message for each targeted investor? 
  • Which regions and financial centers should you be visiting? 
  • How will investors react to a pending corporate action? 
  • How can you better communicate with the investment community? 
  • What was the impact of your outreach efforts?

Why Nasdaq Advisory Services?

  • Experienced Team of Analysts - Our market specialists help you tell the right story to the right investors, analyze meeting effectiveness, and tailor your use of cash.
  • Global Perspective - Nasdaq Corporate Solutions Advisory Services is the only provider with clients across all sectors and regions.
  • Real-time Analytics - We apply cutting-edge big data analytics to dynamic and rich data visualization dashboards that deliver real-time ownership and premium Advisory Services targeting intelligence and risk management.
  • Proprietary ownership models – Our targeting specialists incorporate our proprietary models in their analysis. The results are visually represented in our Smart Targets reports. 
  • Institutional Quality of Information – We analyze the same information that drives institutional investment decisions. 
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