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Understand how your company is perceived by key stakeholders in the market and enhance your company's perception and investment profile. 

Leverage perception studies to answer key questions such as:

  • Is the value of your company truly reflected in your stock price? 
  • Does your stock trade at a discount or premium compared to your peers? Why? 
  • How is your management team perceived by the investment community? 
  • What do the buy- and sell-sides think of your business strategy? 
  • What are the key messages you should highlight in your upcoming roadshows and communications? 
  • How will your key constituents react to corporate and market changes? 

Our Perception Studies help you: 

  • Gain insight into institutional positioning and investment approaches 
  • Benchmark how stakeholders perceive your company’s value creation strategy and key messages 
  • Identify disconnects between what your company is saying and what the institutional investment community is hearing 
  • Understand what relative importance key stakeholders attach to specific company initiatives and objectives 
  • Assess the impact your company’s strategic decisions may have on the market dynamics of your stock 
  • Identify actionable strategies for addressing event-driven shifts in perception 
  • Understand how your management is perceived by the investment community 
  • Gauge the impact of your outreach efforts
I was very pleased to work with the NASDAQ Global Perception team for our company’s first ever perception study. It had been a year and a half since our spin-out, so the timing was right on that end. Additionally, we were considering topics for our first investor day. The report they delivered was extremely insightful, as if they had known our business for years. While there weren’t any real surprises, the study really helped rank order the importance of issues to our investors, which helped us to focus our investor day content. Our investor day wouldn’t have been a success without their help.
-- Dan Gallagher, Vice President of Investor Relations, Ingevity
We conduct independent investor perception surveys for our Board of Directors every year. In the past three years, our provider has been Nasdaq Global Perception, winning tenders by offering optimal value for our specific needs. The team is excellent and delivers a great product, always meeting our tough deadlines. Our Board finds the report very useful. The perception study has influenced our decisions to make tactical changes in our processes and IR communications, and sometimes even strategic moves. Based on past feedback from our shareholders, we divested our U.S. business, split off the gold company, and reduced capex to increase the dividend payout. Severstal is well known for listening to its investors. Since 2010, the company has been named in the Top 3 companies in Russia for Best Overall Investor Relations by Extel and the international IR Magazine.
-- Vladimir Zaluzhsky, Head of Investor Relations, Severstal
We worked with the Nasdaq Global Perception team on two perception studies leading up to two of our Investor Days. The studies played a critical role in helping us identify areas where investors were unclear about our company or strategy. The key findings were shared with our executives and Board, and we were able to specifically address the most relevant topics in our Investor Day presentations. Beyond the Investor Days, the perception studies have aided in the continuous improvement of our IR program and served as a valuable benchmarking tool, providing tangible qualitative and quantitative insights that we can track over time. We found the highlights around how our management and investor relations teams are perceived and evaluated by investment professionals to be particularly beneficial.
-- Debbie Young, Director of Investor Relations, Service Corporation

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