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Perception Studies

Understand how your company is perceived by key stakeholders and enhance your company's perception and investment profile.
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Leverage our perception studies to answer key questions such as: 

  • Is the value of your company truly reflected in your stock price? 
  • Does your stock trade at a discount or premium compared to your peers? Why? 
  • How is your management team perceived by the investment community? 
  • What do the buy- and sell-sides think of your business strategy?
  • What are the key messages you should highlight in your upcoming roadshows and communications? 
  • How will your key constituents react to corporate and market changes? 

Our Perception Studies help you:

  • Gain insight into institutional positioning and investment approaches 
  • Benchmark how stakeholders perceive your company’s value creation strategy and key messages 
  • Identify any disconnects between what your company is saying and what the institutional investment community is hearing 
  • Understand what relative importance key stakeholders attach to specific company initiatives and objectives 
  • Assess the impact your company’s strategic decisions may have on the market dynamics of your stock 
  • Identify actionable strategies for addressing event-driven shifts in perception 
  • Understand how your management is perceived by the investment community 
  • Gauge the impact of your outreach efforts
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