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Equity Surveillance & Global Shareholder Identification

Global perspective. Buy-side relationships. Unique information & analytics.

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Equity Surveillance (U.S.-Based Companies)

Our Equity Surveillance program is designed for U.S.-based companies seeking to understand how global macroeconomic developments are impacting the performance of their stock, peers and sector. Our analysts will benchmark your share performance against peers on an ongoing basis, track fund flows in and out of your sector and identify the factors driving the flows.

Global Shareholder Identification (Outside of U.S.)

Ideal for regions with limited filings requirements, our Shareholder Identification & Analysis program is designed to uncover the institutional shareholders in your company and peers, complete with their volume of holdings. We present this information to you in reports you can immediately share with your Board and management.

Unique Information & Analytics

Using our advisory research database, our analysts are able to quickly mine and correlate institutional-quality information including:

  • Reuters News for the most timely market-moving news 
  • Lipper mutual fund data to monitor capital flows and performance 
  • Smart Targets to anticipate investor risks and opportunities, and identify the factors driving the predicted buying and selling activities for each investor 
  • StreetEvents calendar, transcripts, and guidance data for peer analysis 
  • AutEx for block trading data and indications of interest 
  • Worldscope fundamentals for analysis of standardized financials across your peer group 
  • Reuters fundamentals for analysis of as-reported financials 
  • Datastream for key economic indicators to assess regional factors potentially impacting buy-side decisions 
  • First Call research and estimates for real-time insight into sell-side sentiment influencing buy-side decisions 
  • Smart Estimates to focus on the most accurate analysts 
  • SDC deals data to monitor transactions across your peer group and industry 
  • Trading activity data by venue for the most comprehensive analysis of the volume of your company's shares traded across all exchanges, including electronic trading platforms and dark pool accounts. We compare your trading activity with sector and country benchmarks to provide additional context.

Why Nasdaq Advisory Solutions

  • Global perspective – As the only provider with clients across all sectors and regions, we deliver the most comprehensive analysis of institutional shareholders. 
  • Buy-side relationships – Our analysts are in constant contact with the buy-side, giving them visibility into factors that drive their investment decisions. 
  • Unique information & analytics – We mine and analyze the same information used by institutional investors and analysts.
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