Delays in last sale prices can result in missed opportunities and lost profits. In the stock market, timing is everything.

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Uncover new insights with deeper interactive data visualization and analysis.

Dynamic and rich data visualization-enabled dashboards designed to help you:


  • Gain new insights with automated dashboards that deliver ownership, targeting, Premium Advisory Services content and your own contact and event data -- aggregated, analyzed and presented in views designed specifically for IROs 
  • Seamlessly pivot in dashboards and drill down into data points with workflow integration across Nasdaq IR Insight®
  • Save time by exporting dashboard views and data for extended use

Event Analytics Dashboard

Track investor interactions and the impact of those interactions in the Event Analytics Dashboard. Quickly uncover the link between the investors you meet with and the materiality of those meetings with overlayed ownership and targeting analysis. 

  • View the results of your meetings by leveraging advanced analytics and visualization technology applied to your contact and event data in Nasdaq IR Insight 
  • Refine your engagement strategy based on findings presented in an interactive dashboard 
  • Filter events by time period, participants and event type then drill down to granular detail--all within a single view
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Buy-Side Analytics Dashboard

Replace multiple reports with a single dashboard that aggregates investor information with meeting data and allows you to drill down to specific investor data points.

  • Focus on specific investor markets of your interest and get a quick view of your top holders overlaid with your event metrics
  • Access public data or leverage positions from Nasdaq’s Corporate Solutions Advisory Services for added insight 
  • Filter investors by the positions they hold in your stock and specific investment characteristics 
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Peer Analytics Dashboard

Uncover new insights, better understand movements in your stock and peers, and spot new engagement opportunities with this aggregated view of investor behavior.

  • Understand how buying and selling in your stock relates to firm and fund movements among your peers
  • Filter by target lists or advisory targeting recommendations to automatically plot changes in investor holdings across your stock and the peer list of your choosing
  • View specific investors by buying and selling trend, then drill down into funds for added detail
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