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IR Communications & Compliance


Effective stakeholder communication is fundamental for a public company. You want to ensure that your investors understand your company story and have all the information they require to make their investment decisions, while meeting your disclosure requirements. That’s why more than 10,000 companies rely on Nasdaq Corporate Solutions to communicate with their shareholders with transparency and compliant disclosure.

We develop, host and maintain IR websites for more than 3,000 companies worldwide. Your Nasdaq-hosted IR website will incorporate the look and feel of your company’s corporate website, providing visitors with a seamless experience.
Reach more than 80,000 institutional and millions of retail investors with our compelling and interactive webcast solutions. Nasdaq Corporate Solutions manages more than 18,000 webcasts each year for over 5,000 companies worldwide.
Extend the reach of your regulatory and company announcements by simultaneously distributing corporate press releases to the investment community, media and the general public.
Printed Annual Reports, Investor Kits and product literature remain an essential element of shareholder communications, and the speed and accuracy of fulfilling requests makes an impression on investors.
Help protect your company and its employees through a completely anonymous corporate reporting system.
Convert your documents concurrently with your standard quarterly and annual reports.
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