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Investor Relations Webcasts

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions manages more than 18,000 webcasts each year, for over 5,000 companies worldwide.

How do you disclose your financial results? Meet regulatory requirements? With our interactive webcasting software, you can communicate and deliver corporate events and announcements globally in a custom-branded webcast experience. Leverage our unique institutional distribution network and reach more than 80,000 institutional investors and millions of retail clients. Our detailed post-event reports allow you to easily measure the impact of your communications and monitor the activity of those who attended your event. Webcast your IR events – live or on-demand – with a single service provider to seamlessly integrate your webcasts into Nasdaq IR Website and Nasdaq Newsroom.

Improve Audience Engagement with Multimedia

With a single provider, you can seamlessly integrate your webcasts into your Nasdaq IR Website and Nasdaq Newsroom to deliver:

  • Customized branding and design to reinforce your corporate identity
  • Interactivity to gather audience feedback using real-time Q&A, polling and exit surveys 
  • Social sharing to extend your reach to networks including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn 
  • Twitter integration allowing attendees to follow conversations about your webcast by displaying tweets using a specific hashtag or from a selected account in the player window 
  • On-the-go live webcast access on iOS and Android-powered mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads

Measure the Impact of Your Communications

Following your IR webcast, we will provide you with an Event Insight report that brings together the actionable intelligence you need to effectively measure the impact of your webcast. In addition to traffic information, the Event Insight report provides stock quotes, market commentary and ownership details, including context around bulls, bears and rotators as well as potential new targets. View this report in the format of your choice: HTML, PDF or via Mobile device, and use it to:

  • Identify existing holders, targets and at-risk investors who attended the webcast 
  • Know which attendees have activist tendencies or are heavy buyers/sellers in your sector 
  • Compare the webcast activity to the activity of a custom defined peer set 
  • View Market Commentaries from our Advisory Services analysts to learn what was happening in the market on the day of the webcast
  • Glean insight into what the impact of the webcast has been on your stock price and coverage

Analyze Your Webcast Attendance 

Gain insight into your webcast attendance through our IR Desktop:

  • Benchmark your webcast activity versus your industry using data aggregated across all our clients worldwide.
  • Compare your webcast participation against a selected industry, market cap or market index.
  • You can also analyze changes in webcast participation by quarter.
  • Monitor who participated in your webcast and teleconference, and the questions they asked.
  • Track firms which accessed your webcast with integrated ownership data such as firm position, equity assets, purchase power and much more.

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