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Print & Mail Distributions

Nasdaq Print and Distribution Solutions offers comprehensive reporting and inventory management tools for accurate resource planning - now and later.

Print & Mail Distribution

Whether fulfilling requests from your IR website, corporate website or our phone operators or collating and shipping materials to an investor conference, we handle the details, allowing you to focus on other tasks. Your investor's materials are in an envelope and out the door within eight business hours.

Print and Distribution Solutions provides centralized support for:
  • Outsourcing requests for brochures, annual reports, 10-Ks, proxy statements, etc.
  • An environmentally friendly Print-on-Demand solution for fulfillment materials
  • One-off projects: assembling marketing materials for trade shows, conferences, and investor kit assembly and shipping.

Comprehensive reporting and inventory management tools allow for:
  • Accurate resource planning
  • Control of who at your organization has access to materials
  • Real-time reporting so your company can to stay up-to-date on its inventory levels
  • Third party website integration
  • Customer email tracking
  • Online tracking
  • Stringent production quality control standards

Use Print and Distribution Services for all your on-demand mailing requests:
  • Annual Reports
  • 10-Ks
  • 10-Qs
  • Investor kits
  • Press releases
  • Proxy statements
  • Product literature
  • Bulk shipments for analyst meetings, roadshows and trade conferences
  • Custom requests are available
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