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Investor Relations Solutions

Designed for companies of all sizes and at every stage of the corporate lifecycle, our full suite of solutions delivers comprehensive content with innovative tools in an integrated IR workflow.

Better Intelligence Fuels
Smarter Decisions

Staying ahead means gathering intelligence on your current and potential shareholders. It also means working with the dynamics of your market, while updating your outreach and communications strategies. Nasdaq Corporate Solutions offers a comprehensive range of content, analytics, advisory services and communications tools to help drive your IR program.

passiveIQ™ - NEW

passiveIQ helps you understand the trends in passive index ownership, identify which indices are most important for you and understand why you might not be included in certain indices. Available via Nasdaq IR Insight®, IROs can keep their management teams informed with reports on the indices their companies are included in and benchmark passive ownership relative to their peers.

Learn more about passiveIQTM.


Powered by Nasdaq IR Insight®, Insight360 goes beyond providing traditional data analytics to track critical benchmarks and help IROs measure investor engagement and meeting activity in order to allocate resources in the most efficient manner possible.

Learn more about Insight360TM.

Investor Relations Communications & Compliance

Providing the solutions you need to communicate effectively with your shareholders and potential investors, while helping to meet your disclosure requirements.  Services include:


Nasdaq IR Insight® with Nasdaq IR Analytics™ Platform

Nasdaq IR Insight is a platform built for the Investor Relations workflow – newly-built and designed for global client success; it provides you with access to essential information on investor ownership, real-time research, estimates & fundamentals data, meeting tracking via our state-of-the-art CMS solution and market news. You can manage and measure your Investor Relations program effectively and efficiently anywhere.

Learn more about Nasdaq IR Insight.®

Nasdaq Advisory Services

With a global team of experienced analysts covering all major industries, Nasdaq Advisory Services delivers meaningful data, analysis and insights to manage your investor relations outreach efforts. 

Learn more about Nasdaq Advisory Services.

Nasdaq IR Analytics™

Gain new insights with dynamic and rich data visualization-enabled dashboards. Quickly analyze and evaluate various data points in one simple view. Measure the success of your IR program with easy to use dynamic views. 

Aggregate, analyze and present data in views designed specifically for IROs, including ownership, targeting, contact and event information and analysis and Advisory Services content data.

Learn more about Nasdaq IR Analytics™.

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Resource Library

Your library of recent IR-focused blogs, whitepapers, testimonials, webinars, and more.


Active Replacing Passive – The Reclassification of Index Investors >

Utilizing ESG will be the index investor’s new instrument to evaluate and challenge a corporate’s long-term strategy to create value for its’ shareholders. Learn more in our new paper.

MiFID II and the Changing Investment Landscape: Impact & Insight for IROs >

Watch to gain insights into how current investment trends will be shaped following the enactment of MiFID II.

Testimonials >

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions is highlighting the Investor Relations Officers who have performed beyond the traditional role of the IRO.

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