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Benchmarked Analytics and Beyond

"The markets are evolving... and so are we" 

Insight360TM moves beyond traditional data aggregation – it is the first step in transforming client inputs into actionable analytics. Quantify the effectiveness of your IR program: benchmark your events, track key targets and monitor investor saturation in real time.

Insight360™ Dashboard Differentiators

Insight360TM is the next frontier in the evolution of Nasdaq IR Insight®, incorporating benchmarking and advanced metrics such as saturation, to make your data more actionable in real time:

Event Benchmarking: Goals-based dashboard to benchmark activity against region, sector, or market cap.
Target Tracker: Dynamically track progress of identified targets met along with net activity
Saturation Analysis: Quantifying and visualizing the magnitude of share activity across peers by region, sector or market cap

Geographic Events: Geographically track capital flows to better prioritize certain cities vs. others by region, market cap, or sector

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