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IR Management

Nasdaq IR Insight®

An IR platform for today's IR professional. Nasdaq IR Insight® is helping the IR community work more effectively and efficiently, saving time and driving strong results. Contact us to learn more about our intuitive IR platform.
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Nasdaq IR Insight®

An IR platform built by and for IROs, helping the IR community work more effectively and efficiently. Request a demo to learn more about the major features and benefits of our groundbreaking platform.

"Data is presented in an action-oriented way in IR Insight making it easy to navigate and improving my overall workflow. It's everything I was waiting for -- smart and intuitive."

-- Mark Furlong, Investor Relations Director, BLACKBAUD

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"IR Insight is a marked improvement on the original platform and offers intuitive user functions which make navigation around the platform very easy. The speed at which information can be obtained makes the role of an IRO that much easier and it is a real asset to our day to day workflow. I am impressed by Nasdaq’s willingness to continually address suggested improvements."

-- Merrin Hodge, Investor Relations Manager, Metcash Limited


Focus on your real-time demands with insights proactively delivered on your dashboard:

  • Monitor and analyze the markets, your company and your peers with a snapshot of recent activity.
  • Seamlessly navigate through the most relevant information by clicking directly on the data points for deeper insight.

Consume estimates based on your preferences and industry:

  • See estimates the way you want with dynamic measure and time horizon filters. 
  • Easily compare multiple or single measures across the time periods of your choosing. 
  • Filter for industry specific KPIs and click through estimates to view a detailed breakdown of consensus, including recommendations and price target.
  • Save your preferences for continued use and download your views directly to Microsoft® Excel.

Understand the current and historical ownership of your stock:

  • Leverage five years of historical ownership data. 
  • View the breakdown of turnover and investment style in your stock and how it has changed over time. 
  • Filter your reports by custom timeframes and data source. If you subscribe to Nasdaq Advisory Services you will have access to Advisory research for more timely and granular ownership data.

Easily search and consume research reports:

  • Scroll through research reports without opening PDFs.
  • Toggle between the results list and full reports for easy scanning.

Get more out of your peer lists:

  • Select multiple peer lists and see market data for all entities in each list in single view.
  • View all events for peers in a selected list, or filter the list based on your needs.

Link analysts to earnings calls:

  • Prepare for meetings by viewing all analyst questions and the responses from your earnings calls or those of your peers.


Target firms, funds and contacts:

  • Pinpoint the proper investment funds to meet – and even the right individuals within those firms for maximizing buying potential. 
  • Gather intelligence and understand the factors that drive their stock. 
  • Investor screening results can be dynamically updated, filtered and grouped by category.

Scale your communications:

  • Reach your contacts in mass and automatically log your efforts with blast messaging.

Manage your roadshows and events:

  • Drag and drop contacts into your itinerary to automatically create events with our intuitive planner. 
  • Group events by creating custom tags for filtering and reporting. 
  • Seamlessly synch events between Microsoft® Outlook and our CMS tool with seamless integration.


Instantly log your interactions:

  • Enter investor interactions without diverting from your task at hand using the quick call button, which is ever-present on the main navigation menu.

Gauge the overall effectiveness of your outreach:

  • Convert your CMS data into a powerful measurement tool by correlating meetings data to performance.
  • Set event targets and view performance metrics and predictive data using the CMS Events Dashboard for analysis and reporting.

Work Smarter

Access the information you need anytime, anywhere:

  • Access the same information you receive within Nasdaq IR Insight® from your mobile device.
  • Information is automatically synchronized with your CMS information in Nasdaq IR Insight®.

Intuitively navigate the platform:

  • Navigate through content and functions cross-linked based on your IR workflow.
  • Easily search for firms, funds and contacts, create and update peer lists, and view recently accessed content.

Synchronize your workflow with Microsoft® integration:

  • Leverage data from Nasdaq IR Insight® in Microsoft® Excel for easy manipulation and modeling.
  • Sync your Microsoft® Outlook calendar with CMS to ensure all meetings are tracked and measured.

Focus on key data points with dynamic charting:

  • Filter by measures, time horizons and comparison points then drill down into details with hover insights.
  • Save your charts and filters for frequent use and export to Microsoft® Excel for easy use.
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