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Delivering Transparency into the Mutual Fund Markets

The development of Nasdaq’s mutual fund product suite was in response to a gap in education and awareness. Now our suite covers 35,000 instruments across asset classes

Nasdaq Mutual Fund data is designed to enable investors and traders to track the performance of mutual funds, money market funds, unit investment trusts (UITs), annuities, structured products, REITS and 501cs on a daily basis.

Mutual Fund Quotation Service

Launched in 1984, MFQS was instrumental in bringing transparency and education to the market for Mutual Funds (or Money Market Fund). Prior to this launch, very few investors were focused on these funds. Nasdaq helped provide the education and framework to make Mutual Funds popular with investors, institutions, online portals and media outlets. Now, MFQS covers 35,000 instruments across a variety of asset classes.

Nasdaq facilitates the collection and dissemination of security master information and daily valuation data for money market funds, mutual funds, UITs, annuities and structured products. Nasdaq captures the inbound daily price data from investment companies and sponsors via the MFQS. From the system, Nasdaq generates the Mutual Fund Dissemination Service (MFDS) and the MFQS Daily List / MFQS Registration Service.

Mutual Fund Dissemination Service (MFDS)
Mutual Fund Dissemination Service (MFDS)
Enables investors and traders to track the performance of more than 26,000 mutual funds, money market funds, UITs, annuities and structured products on a daily basis. Find out more >

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If you have questions as to which Commodities product is best suited to your business needs, please contact your Nasdaq Account Manager to learn more about our Mutual Fund Product Suite.

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Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund ProductsService Level/Details
Mutual Fund Dissemination Service (MFDS) >Provides only the OPRA NBBO and Trade data information.
Mutual Fund Quotation Service (MFQS) >

MFQS provides firms with advance notification of MFQS corporate actions, including new registrations, name/symbol changes, mergers/ acquisitions and liquidations.

Provides a centralized repository for financial documentation - such as prospectus, annual reports, semi-annual reports - for those mutual funds, money market funds, UITs, annuities and structured products registered with MFQS.

MFQS Daily List >

Advance notice corporate actions in Nasdaq-listed securities and MFQS-eligible fund instruments.

Frequency: Intraday

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