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Nasdaq Ultrafeed

Access Equities, Options, Futures and more via one feed.

Nasdaq Ultrafeed

Nasdaq Ultrafeed combines data feeds from equities, options, futures, indexes and bond feeds into a single normalized format. U.S. Equity data also includes full depth. UltraFeed is a highly efficient and cost effective, providing access to market data from multiple North American markets and data sources. This is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of market data vendors and consumers.

Smart Options NBBO & Trade Feed

The Nasdaq Smart Options NBBO and Trades feed is designed to provide a more efficient, low bandwidth alternative to the full Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) data feed while still delivering the necessary dataset that firms require for options trading. The new Smart Options feed supports NBBO and Trade messages as well as administrative messages for all listed options.

Key Benefits:

  • Allow firms to realize up to 80% bandwidth savings over the standard OPRA data feed.
  • Reduce operating costs to support OPRA data.
  • View the same critical best bid and offer, trade data and administrative messages without consuming the full OPRA dataset.
  • Enable firms to better manage constantly increasing data rates. OPRA message rates are projected to exceed 19 million messages per second by January 2015, which is over 28 billion messages per day.
  • Access the Smart Options data in the normalized UltraFeed format from Nasdaq NY Metro area data centers.
  • Add additional multi-asset data feed content with little extra development work due to the normalized UltraFeed specification format.



State-of-the-Art Technology

UltraFeed is built from state-of-the-art INETSM infrastructure® and ITCH protocol options. UltraFeed will carry normalized message formats by asset class, divided into six messages.

Easy Access

UltraFeed is available at the Nasdaq U.S. data centers and accessible via co-location, extranet providers or direct connect providers. Instead of having customers connect to each facility, they can come to one place to get data from a disparate group of content providers.

Lower Cost Strategies

UltraFeed pricing is based on the data content and delivery needs of each client.

  • Fees by paying indirect distributor fees to content providers, such as UTP/CTA/OPRA and NYSE
  • Development costs by processing our normalized data feed, rather than disparate direct data feeds from exchanges
  • Network costs by using more efficient messaging formats, such as binary formats and locate codes,

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