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Market Pathfinders

A real-time market sentiment indicator based on the buying and selling patterns of Nasdaq market participants.

Market Pathfinders

This product identifies "pathfinders" that are actively buying or selling a large volume of shares in a particular security, in anticipation of a price increase or decrease. Market Pathfinders is calculated from actual trades made by well-informed market participants and reflects information that can not be manipulated.

Anonymity For Fair Trading

Pathfinders are kept anonymous - it is the aggregation of their trading activity that is used to determine if these market participants as a group are bullish or bearish on a particular issue. The Market Pathfinders information is updated every minute for every issue traded by Nasdaq, and is based on the last 60 minutes of trading data.


Nasdaq Market Pathfinders is designed to provide real-time, intraday pre-trade data from the Nasdaq market center:

  • Traders can track the number of pathfinders that are bullish versus bearish on the market.
  • Traders can view the ratio of shares bought versus sold by pathfinders.
  • Market Pathfinders data is combined into three messages for dissemination, allowing for an easy to integrate, low latency feed.
  • Traders can create a portfolio of stocks and receive periodic updates of the Market Pathfinders values.
  • Traders can determine which stocks are hot and when to place buy or sell orders to secure the best prices.
  • Traders can determine the direction of the market by indicating whether post-trade interest is surging in buy or sell orders.

With its simple data formats, Nasdaq is able to use the same message structure for all of the equity exchanges.

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Historical Market Pathfinders

Monthly Subscription

Nasdaq offers a historical record of the market sentiment based on the aggregated trading decisions of Nasdaq market participants from the Nasdaq Market Pathfinders data feed. Subscribers to this historical product may download the Pathfinders daily transaction logs on a T+1 basis from a secured website or FTP server.


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