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Nasdaq eSpeed provides real-time institutional trading of benchmark U.S. Treasury Securities in one of the largest and most liquid fixed-income cash markets in the world.

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Understanding the Methodology behind the World's Preeminent Smart Beta Indexes

Nasdaq is following the FIFA Women's World Cup while tracking the performance of corresponding stock markets.

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Nasdaq is enhancing the visibility of Nordic listed companies towards the investors. Download Company Fact Sheets for free here »

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Access Capital

Nasdaq offers capital raising solutions to more than 3,500 companies around the globe representing more than $9.5 trillion in total market value


Nasdaq Global Data Products

Market Data - 90 Data solutions, across 73 different countries, 2.5 million direct users of data

Global Data

Nasdaq Global Data Products powers trading and investment decisions around the world. Our real-time and historical data products provide comprehensive insight into trading activity for multiple exchanges and asset classes.

As the company that pioneered electronic trading in 1971, and introduced the world’s first integrated derivatives trading and clearing system, we continue to set new standards in exchange trading technology and innovative market data solutions.

Whether you are an individual investor looking for best bid/ask quote data, or an algorithmic trading firm that needs full order book information, we invite you to explore our solutions.

Technology Innovation

GDP provides superior market transparency and constantly strives to improve upon the best and most complete view of the market. We revolutionized the market data industry with plug-and-play applications, and are committed to meeting the needs of customers with the lowest latency products and the distribution of third-party data.

World-Class Products

Our cutting-edge global market data products deliver superior speed and unrivaled market depth, and are constantly evolving to meet new industry challenges.

Superior Service

We build and deliver the best data feeds from the world’s leading exchange and achieved recognition from the Software & Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) Financial Information Services Division (FISD) for exemplary customer service and communications.

Wide-spread Distribution

We reach one of the world’s largest financial audiences through an extensive network of data distributors and subscribers. Via professional partners, internet portals and broadcast television, billions of investors around the world receive our valuable financial data.
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Nasdaq UltraFeed
Highly efficient. Cost effective. North American equities, options, futures, indexes, and bonds -- along with new U.S. equity depth data -- is all combined in a single feed: Nasdaq UltraFeed. Designed to meet the ever-changing needs of market data vendors and consumers

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