Nasdaq Futures, Inc. (NFX) brings a competitive mix of new products, fees, innovative technology, and clearing services designed to meet the needs of ambitious traders.

Traders Turn to Nasdaq When They Hear These Words

Delays in last sale prices can result in missed opportunities and lost profits. In the stock market, timing is everything.

See How Commodities are Trading Today

April 2016 Review and Look Ahead

The Bay Area has been the home to many of Nasdaq's initiatives for decades. Learn more about the company's deep roots in the Western region.

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    Navigate Deeper Insights with Nasdaq Global Data Products

    There are as many uses for market data as there are trading strategies. Explore some of the ways our products are commonly leveraged to keep customers competitive.

    Data Products in Action

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    MiFID Update

    The MiFID II regulation aims to improve the function of financial markets by making them more efficient, resilient and transparent. See how Nasdaq is helping our customers stay ahead of the changes.

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At Nasdaq, we believe that data is never just data; it is the power behind insights. You, along with our other customers, have individual needs that require the right information in the right way. We believe there is tremendous value in understanding how you intend to use and access data which is why we work hard to establish a strong alliance you can count on. Together we can help you build creative solutions that help you realize efficiencies, mitigate risk and generate alpha.

Nasdaq – The Gold Source for Equities Data

When you need real-time equities data, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re interested in U.S. or Canada, Nasdaq is an accurate source of best bid and offer and full depth data.

Help find new trading opportunities with TotalView. Learn more >


Leverage Best Bid and Offer and Last Sale for ALL U.S.-listed securities. Learn more >


Broaden your portfolio with an accurate source of Canadian Equities data. Learn more >

Using Data Efficiently

Making sure you have the most accurate data is just the first step. Is your firm maximizing all of the possibilities and staying compliant with the latest regulations?

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Nasdaq Data Suite

Your data is the lifeblood of you investment decisions. With a wide product offering, we have the regions, asset classes and time conflations you need.

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Asset Class Coverage

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Equities Data

– Our equities data gives you transparency into the highly liquid U.S., European and Canadian markets. We have dozens of equities feeds to choose from. Learn more >


Fixed Income Data

Our global product suite offers coverage of Nordic, Baltic and NLX (London market) Fixed Income, as well as eSpeed U.S. Treasuries Data. Learn more >


Commodities Data

Our commodities markets are extensive and still growing. This market data covers the Nordics, UK, German and Dutch power derivatives, the emissions market and NLX (London market) data. Learn more >


Index Data

We offer current and historical index data, values and weightings for a large number of Nasdaq Global Indexes, which cover all geographies and multiple asset classes. Learn more >


Derivatives Data

We are pleased to bring you dozens of products from the Nasdaq Options Market (NOM); Nasdaq BX Options (BX Options); Nasdaq PHLX Options (PHLX) and the Nasdaq Nordic Derivatives markets. Learn more >


Mutual Fund Data

Leverage Nasdaq Fund data to track the performance of mutual funds, money market funds, unit investment trusts (UITs), annuities, structured products, REITS and 501cs on a daily basis. Learn more >


Multi-Asset Class Coverage

At Nasdaq, we see the bigger picture. Which often means crossing asset classes and combining data to gain a complete view of the markets. Learn more >

Market Data and Feeds

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