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Market Data Feeds

Reference Data Files

Nordic coverage across asset classes with Nordic reference data files

Reference Data Files

Nordic Reference Data Files contain reference data information from the Nasdaq exchanges in Helsinki, Iceland, Stockholm and Copenhagen and First North - the Nordic alternative growth market.

Product Features

The Nordic Reference Data Files content is grouped as listed below, with each file product being a separate entitlement. Files are created each morning and can be retrieved from Nasdaq’s File Delivery Service (FDS). Separate products are available for equities, derivatives and fixed income markets.

Nordic Equity Reference Data Files

  • Listing details (ISIN, ticker code, etc.)
  • Trading related reference data (reference price , lot size, etc.)
  • Issuing information (number of listed shares, share capital, etc.)

Nordic Fixed Income Reference Data Files

  • Listing details (ISIN, ticker code, etc.)
  • Type information (bond type, rate calculation type, day count method, etc.)
  • Maturity data ( maturity date, maturity value, coupon rate, etc.)

Nordic Derivatives Reference Data Files

  • Listing details (ISIN, ticker code, etc.)
  • Exercise information (exercise type, open interest, strike price, exercise lot, etc.)
  • Duration and barrier information (duration from/through dates, barrier type, floor/ceiling, etc.)

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Access Options

The file format is based on the Genium Consolidated Feed TIP format and is delivered in semicolon (;) separated ASCII (.txt) files. Expected time between order and delivery is three to five working days. The files include all registered information for the NASDAQ OMX Nordic markets including the previous 30 days of data.

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