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Access Capital

Nasdaq offers capital raising solutions to more than 3,500 companies around the globe representing more than $9.1 trillion in total market value

Nasdaq empowers employees with the resources and opportunities they need most to chart their own course to a career of achievement, growth and endless possibilities.


Public Relations Solutions

Our powerful Web-based PR & Distribution solutions are designed to help you efficiently identify key traditional and social media contacts, distribute your message, monitor the effectiveness of all of your campaigns and measure the impact of your efforts.

Powerful PR Made Simple

Our powerful Web-based PR solutions are designed to efficiently identify key traditional and social media contacts, reach & distribution your message, monitor the effectiveness of all of your campaigns and measure the impact of your efforts. Rely on our solutions to better allocate your time and money while increasing the effectiveness of your PR campaigns.
Increase the effectiveness of your outreach by accurately identifying key contacts across traditional and social media.
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Create, publish and track your news and press releases with our distribution suite of solutions.

  • Broadcast your market-moving news to a worldwide audience in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner with one of the world’s largest newswire distribution network supported by our trained editorial staff 24/7/365.
  • Or take control of your press release process by creating and distributing your own releases using our self-publishing tool. Reach all major circuits, target specific media contacts and social media networks worldwide. And designed specifically for U.S. regulatory releases, our Web-based Disclosure solution helps you go beyond SEC compliance and increase the impact of your release.
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Our comprehensive monitoring lets you track your media hits across traditional and social media outlets worldwide and analyze the impact of your efforts.
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Our team of expert analysts can provide customized reports of media mentions and score your coverage to track market sentiment over time. Understand the impact of your campaigns with reports and analysis delivered to your specifications.
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  • Data accuracy from the largest research team in the industry
  • Subscription based pricing model - no hidden fees
  • Ease of use with an interface designed for simplicity and speed
  • Access to a team who will analyze and score the impact of your efforts
  • Over fifteen years of experience providing PR solutions to public and private companies

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