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Public Relations Solutions

Nasdaq Influencer Marketing Platform

Find the most relevant people and conversations in your industry, so you can build new relationships and uncover new opportunities for your content and campaigns.

What can influencers do for you?

  • Identify the best target markets for your products or services 
  • Find new, more effective ways to reach your audiences 
  • Grow brand awareness 
  • Extend the life of your content 
  • Start or improve word-of-mouth marketing 
  • Find new ways to use your content and expand its visibility and impact 
  • Uncover emerging, popular content and share your news when it’s most relevant 
  • Get better results from your PR and marketing


Unlock the power of influencers to make new connections, amplify your brand and drive better business results.

When you sign up for nasdaq Influencers you're able to:

  • IDENTIFY the people and conversations relevant to your company, industry and competitors; learn who’s saying what, to whom, and why it matters. 
  • RESEARCH specific influencers to learn more about their interests and activities; craft an educated, informed pitch and build trusted relationships. 
  • CREATE content that’s aligned with your audiences by using the same topics, keywords and hashtags; build more impactful and targeted content, such as news releases, blog posts, and white papers. 
  • DISTRIBUTE your news to targeted audiences and publish to your social channels to reach your broader influencer networks. 
  • SHARE your news with relevant audiences after you’ve distributed it; give influencers the relevant, topical information they’re looking for. 
  • ENGAGE influencers with a follow, retweet, or blog comment; reach out and start to build relationships with people who can help share and amplify your news.

Expert Tips for Influencers Management

Shonali Burke, Gini Dietrich and Jeff Domansky share advice on how to make the most of influencers, advocates and ambassadors in your PR and marketing.

Nasdaq CCO Measurement Survey

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions conducted a survey of 101 CCOs at corporations in the United States, Canada and across Europe to understand how these communication leaders are using analytics to report effectiveness within their organization.

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