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Industry leaders, cyber experts, and policymakers joined the NCSA & Nasdaq to discuss the latest cybersecurity topics.

Public Relations Services

Human-Powered Monitoring & Insight

Customized media intelligence from our team of industry-focused analysts.
Public Relations Services

Get a unique understanding of your company, competitors and industry news

Nasdaq’s dedicated team will continuously track and analyze your company, competitor and industry news across online, print, broadcast, and social media to filter out noise and condense your daily news flow into concise organized digests, ensuring you can act with confidence on accurate and relevant information. Let’s get started >
By distilling a wealth of news and commentary into customized insight reports, we can help you:
  • Understand your reputational strengths and weaknesses, advocates and detractors within your most influential media
  • Communicate PR success and demonstrate ROI on your media outreach to internal stakeholders 
  • Benchmark and deconstruct competitor strengths and industry drivers 

Need a summary of coverage delivered to your inbox every morning? We can do that. Want a monthly analysis featuring share of voice, key message identification and but don’t have the time to pull it together? Let us do it. Your dedicated analyst will deliver the content in a branded format that is ready to be forwarded to your executive team. What could be easier?empty


Daily News Briefs

  • Monitor what is being said about your company, industry and peers. 
  • The Daily News Brief compiles your mentions in traditional, online and social media outlets. 
  • With a dedicated analyst compiling your report, you'll receive hand-picked, business critical information free of duplicates and irrelevant content. 
  • Customize the report to your specifications and get it delivered at the frequency and time of day you want. 
  • Capture your competitors' mentions and industry news so you'll be informed across your business landscape.

The Analysis Report complements the Daily News Brief, providing insight and showing trends over time. Understanding clear content and analysis reporting is of utmost importance when sharing key findings across departments and with senior management.


Analysis Dashboard

In additional to reports we offer a Web-based central repository for all media coverage and analysis for future viewing and additional analysis. These custom portals are designed to provide ease of use and simplified intuitive navigation including:

  • Online filtered and tagged news archive 
  • Variety of filters for time period, country and competitor selections 
  • Live exportable charting and graphs that can dropped into presentations 
  • Clips reports and publishing capabilities 
  • Chart annotation to share insights, queries with other team members 
  • Ability to add custom charts and data selection criteria developed for real-time data manipulation 
  • RSS feeds

Other Reports

In addition to PR measurement we also offer reporting with extensive analyst drill down, including:

  • Crisis, incident, and ad-hoc reports 
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports 
  • Market Analysis reports 
  • Coverage Analysis reports 
  • Regional Analysis reports
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