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Nasdaq Media Intelligence

Get actionable insight into consumer behavior, campaign performance and brand health with a powerful media monitoring platform and reports from our dedicated team of analysts.


Nasdaq Media Intelligence brings together two complementary solutions for measurement: our powerful media monitoring platform, and custom analyst-curated reports. Choose the solution that is right for you—monitoring, reports or a combination of both. We’ll help you get the information and insights you need, with a range of options that can be tailored to fit your business goals just right.

Nasdaq Media Monitoring

Listen to and analyze conversations across social and mainstream media with a platform powered by Synthesio®, and turn social data into business-level KPIs and ROI metrics.

Learn more about Nasdaq Media Monitoring.

Daily News Briefs & Insight Reports

Keep your organization informed of the news impacting your company with a Daily News Brief, and build the KPI dashboard you always wanted with custom Insight Reports prepared by our analyst team.

FOR Corporate Communications & PR Managers

Measure the Impact of Your Efforts 

Demonstrate the ROI of your earned, owned and paid media activities to internal stakeholders.

Improve Reputation Management 

Gain a better understanding of your reputational strengths and weaknesses and respond more quickly with keyword-based alerts. 

Track the Perception of Your Brand 

Monitor the social and mainstream media conversations about your brand and track sentiment.

Gain Competitor Insights 

Identify and benchmark competitor strengths and industry drivers. 

FOR Agencies

Customize reporting across your client base

Provide individualized reporting tailored to the specific needs of your clients to reflect their different campaigns and objectives.

Add Value for Your Clients 

Complement your existing offerings by providing clients with customized reports that feature your agency's branding along with the look and feel of your templates. We're happy to stay in the background and make you look good. 

Refocus Your Team on Strategic Projects

Let our team of analysts handle the number crunching and clip curating, giving your team more time to be strategic and build relationships with your clients.

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