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Nasdaq Media Database

Media profiles and editorial calendars verified by Nasdaq's research team.

Creating media lists with outdated and inaccurate information can be frustrating and sap your productivity. You need accurate content that gives you insight into the journalists and influencers you’re targeting. Quantity and quality doesn’t have to be a trade-off. Our Media Database solution gives you access to profiles across traditional and social media outlets which are verified for accuracy by our research team. You can build media lists, track your engagement in our CMS, and identify opportunities with our database of editorial calendars.

Profiles Verified by Our Team of 100+ Analysts

  • Each contact is reviewed, updated and date stamped to improve content quality 
  • Easily build media lists and import them directly into Nasdaq GlobeNewswire 
  • Access complete profiles, including contact information, social media handles and communication preferences

Our research team of over 100 analysts reviews each profile for accuracy and provides a date stamp for verification to help ensure you’re accessing the most up-to-date information. Each contact is listed once with all the outlets they contribute to—rather than multiple times for each outlet—so you get an accurate number of contacts in your list and minimize the risk of double pitching.

Improve Your Targeting Workflow

More than just a database of contacts, you have access to a suite of tools to help improve your targeting workflow. Verified profiles mean more efficient—and smarter—outreach. Contact management helps you keep activities on track, and our editorial calendar resource helps you stay informed about coverage opportunities. 

Media & Influencer Targeting 

  • Identify contacts, build media lists and send targeted messages. 
  • Build an extensive social media influencer contact list using search filters and rankings. 
  • View comprehensive media profiles including bios, communication preferences and social media accounts 

Editorial Calendars 

  • Get detailed information including outlet profiles, circulations numbers and ad rate details. 
  • Identify high-impact opportunities with dynamic search across a number of variables, including circulation, focus, frequency, story topic and date range.
  • Never miss a deadline by using the email reminder tool to alert you when a deadline is near.

7 ways our research team keeps our Media Database updated

Creating media lists with outdated and inaccurate information can be frustrating - you need accurate content for insight into the journalists and influencers you’re targeting. Check out our infographic to see how our research team validates contacts to ensure you have access to the latest profile information.

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