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The data you need at your fingertips

You drafted your news release and reviewed it with your executive team. Reformat, revise, add a quote, rewrite. Another round or two of edits. And then finally, it’s complete. It’s published and distributed around the world, across the web. It’s posted on your website and emailed to your target list of media contacts.

. Newswire Analytics

Whether you’re an investor relations officer or a PR pro, you need analytics to understand how your regulatory news and press releases are making an impact on your business. It’s not enough to just know that the release went out. Nasdaq gives you the insight you need to tell the full story. 

Where was my release sent/posted? 

Available almost immediately after your release is published, the Distribution and Placements report validates where your release was sent and where it’s available to view online.

  • See detail on geographic, financial media and industry distribution, along with the total potential reach of your release. 
  • View which media websites published a copy of your release. 
  • Get your results automatically emailed to you.
. Analytics - Dashboard preview

Who saw my release? 

Within minutes of your release being distributed, you’ll be able to see a dashboard showing total views and a variety of user segmentation, including views by geography and device type. You also get insight into the referral sources (e.g., search engines, media sites) which brought readers to your release.

. Analytics - Who saw my release?

Who clicked on my release? 

Counting clicks is a start, but engagement will tell you a more complete story about the impact of your release. Whether a user shared it on social media, printed it, or forwarded it to a friend, you’ll get the deeper level of insight you need with Nasdaq. 

  • Access click-through reporting on the links in the body of your release across all sites your release is posted. 
  • View ow many times your release was shared across social sites.
  • See which social networks drive the most traffic to your release.
  • View detailed user activity, including emails sent and number of times printed.
. Analytics - Who clicked my release?
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